Student - Programme 11 (108')

Student Competition

Wednesday, 1 April 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 21:00-23:00



1. The True Knight, 3’ 05’’

UK 2014

Directed by Dominika Brodowska

Screenplay: Dominika Brodowska

Animation: Dominika Brodowska, Sihui Huang, Daiva Bumelyte

Technique: 2D Hand Drawn, 2D Digital

Music: Michal Rutkowski

Dialogues: None


A poor peasant boy named Rulf lives in a medieval village and wants to become a true knight. But can you really chase your dreams if all you have is a pile of hay and some old pillow bags? However Rulf is not alone! Can his friends help him realise his dream?




2. The Wandering Library, 3’ 26’’

UK 2014

Directed by Sarah Ismail

Screenplay: Sarah Ismail

Animation: Sarah Ismail, Sonia Naqvi, Abby Austin, Dan Collins

Technique: 2D Hand Drawn, 2D Digital

Music: Paul Wnedlandt

Dialogues: None


The story follows Julia, a quiet elementary school girl, who prefers spending time in the library during recess rather than playing outside with the other children. Lonely and bullied, Julia has found refuge amongst the library books.




3. Mystery of Werewolf’s mistake, 1’ 50’’

Ukraine 2014

Directed by Dmytro Bondarchuk

Screenplay: Dmytro Bondarchuk

Animation: Dmytro Bondarchuk



Dialogues: None


It is story about life in the apartment building, where line between man and animal erased.




4. Live, 2’ 30’’

Ukraine 2014

Directed by Dmytro Bondarchuk

Screenplay: Dmytro Bondarchuk

Animation: Dmytro Bondarchuk



Dialogues: None


One who imitates life risks to be infected and to face challenges of life's meaning and purpose.




5. The tale of a pear and a rabbit, 4’ 08’’

Serbia 2014

Directed by Dragana Kuprešanin

Screenplay: Dragana Kuprešanin

Animation: Dragana Kuprešanin

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Ivan Branisavljević

Affiliation: Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

Dialogues: None


Pear falls right on the hill. While contemplating the passage of time, a rabbit shows up and starts courtship...




6. Espresso Doppio, 3’ 54’’

Finland 2015

Directed by Mika Koskinen

Screenplay: Mika Koskinen

Animation: Mika Koskinen


Music: Lida-Alina Poijärvi

Dialogues: None


Two different people, two different stories and a cup of coffee.




7. One More Page, 8’ 44’’

UK 2014

Directed by Matthew A Cooper, Jay Stewart, Nicholas Deary, Sam Osborne, Gary Pogue

Screenplay: Matthew A Cooper, Jay Stewart, Nicholas Deary, Sam Osborne, Gary Pogue

Animation: Matthew A Cooper, Jay Stewart, Nicholas Deary, Sam Osborne, Gary Pogue

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Adam Kent, James Armstrong

Dialogues: None


A girl is absorbed in the a mysterious world, through the pages of a bed time story.




8. Another Season, 4’ 27’’

Germany 2015

Direction: Anna Lytton

Screenplay: Anna Lytton

Animation: Anna Lytton


Music: John Tilbury

Dialogues: None


Like trees growing circles, breathing layers of skin. Between the trunk and the limbs, like the shape in between. The shedding of leaves and a whispering mouth.




9. How to save a princess, 6’ 37’’

 Czech Repunlic 2014

Directed by Alžběta Göbelová

Screenplay: Martin Kubalec, Alžběta Göbelová

Animation: Alžběta Göbelová

Technique: Drawing Animation

Music: Petra Göbelová

Dialogues: Sebastiano Guzej, Veronika Zacharová, Radim Svoboda, Martin Kubalec

Subtitles: None


Can your dreams come true, even if you die? How to Save a Princess is short animated fairytale for callous children and young adults audience. Story of young prince and his adventurous journey for saving his princess. Dragons, bats and weird scarecrow included!



10. On the Way Home, 3’ 32’’

Slovakia 2015

Directed by Zuzana Balazova

Screenplay: Zuzana Balazova

Animation: Zuzana Balazova

Technique: 2D, 3D Computer animation


Dialogues: None


A young girl got dropped out of school. Rambling in the streets, she decides to take advantage of garbage around and tries to escape mundane reality of the city she lives in.




11. Enjoy, 4’ 32’’

Taiwan 2015

Directed by Wen Yi Chen

Screenplay: Wen Yi Chen

Animation: Wen Yi Chen

Technique: Wen Yi Chen

Music: Wen Yi Chen

Dialogues: None


The pursuit of food, sunset, nature and art come from the desire of human being. Everyone can enjoy them, and that’s why they are grateful and intoxicating.




12. Ordinary day, 3’ 54’’

Serbia 2014

Directed by Una Isailović

Screenplay: Una Isailović

Animation: Una Isailović

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Rundek Cargo Trio

Dialogues: Croatian

Subtitles: English


How would you feel to awaken in a day in which no other person existed in the world except you?




13. Neighboring Thoughts, 7’ 06’’

France 2014

Directed by Yves Francois

Screenplay: Yves Francois

Animation: Yves Francois

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Lucie Troger

Dialogues: None


The movie deals with a musician trying to find back his inspiration. Then the storyline follows him into his mind, linking his ideas, memories and dreams all together.




14. White forest, 3’ 32’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Marta Prokopova

Screenplay: Marta Prokopova

Animation: Marta Prokopova


Music: Martin Chrastina

Dialogues: Slovak

Subtitles: English


The story about love in white forest.




15. The Black Rose, 3’ 27’’

Canada 2015

Directed by Alfonso Pontillo

Screenplay: Alfonso Pontillo

Animation: Paula Utria

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: 5 Alarm

Dialogues: (Voice over) Spanish

Subtitles: English


A love story, characterized by pain and an insurmountable distance. One that takes place in the dimmest hours of the night and for only the briefest moment. Two mannequins, trapped in opposite store fronts, have one minute every night to come alive and live their sad love story.




16. Fly, 1’ 46’’

USA 2015

Direction: Huy Huynh

Screenplay: Huy Huynh

Animation: Karley Ericson

Technique: Huy Huynh

Music: Huy Huynh

Dialogues: None


A toy Plane is dreaming about flying. While in his dream, his string starts to brake and he starts to fall, finally getting his dream to fly. Not being a real plane he only makes it a few feet outside of the window.




17. Essence, Martina Mikusova, 5’ 04’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Martina Mikusova

Screenplay: Martina Mikusova

Animation: Martina Mikusova

Technique: Paper cut Stop-Motion on a Greenscreen

Music: Composed by Adrián Malovaník, Tomáš Baľák, Vladimír Nosáľ

Dialogues: None


The Essence is film about life, love, and a scent that can wear off quickly. The protagonist is a young woman, a perfumer, who loses the essence she loved in her life. She decides to bring it back for a while, even if the scents are unstable and they wear off quickly. Just as life. However, sometimes the last sniff can be the most powerful goodbye.




18. Island, 4’

Ukraine 2014

Directed by Nikita Timoschuk

Screenplay: Nikita Timoschuk

Animation: Nikita Timoschuk, Andrey Timoschuk



Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


Land the road to which is through the heart. In our complex world there is a bright island where people live happily ever after. But how to find it?




19. Aion, 6’ 53’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Petra Heleninova

Screenplay: Petra Heleninova

Animation: Petra Heleninova

Technique: Rotoscope, Computer drawn animation

Music: Jan Krnac

Dialogues: None


What would you do if you find a remote control on the ground which stops the world? Every action has its reaction and our hero, who found this remote control, may be in jeopardy. But is he the only one, who is in danger?




20. Half Babka, 5’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Jasmine Elsen

Screenplay: Jasmine Elsen

Animation: Jasmine Elsen

Technique: Drawing on paper

Music: Bardia Sheikholes Lami Ghazvini

Dialogues: None


The film is about loneliness in the society. An old woman does everything with her cat, which is more like a toy for her. sharing ice cream and knitting sweaters… but the cat runs away and she tries to replace it.




21. Adventures of a Teapot, 3’ 48’’

Russia 2014

Directed by Davydova Olga

Screenplay: Jitkovskiy Alexey

Animation: Davydov Alexander, Davydova Olga

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Ludwig van Beethoven

Dialogues: Russian

Subtitles: English


Beautiful story about the Teapot and his three little lives.




22. Wanderer, 1’ 30’’

Spain 2014

Directed by Maria Torregrosa Domenech

Screenplay: Maria Torregrosa Domenech

Animation: Maria Torregrosa Domenech

Technique: 2D Digital animation

Music: Siberian Noise

Dialogues: None


Where would you go if you have the possibility of teleport yourself? Would you become a Wanderer?




23. Ryüjin, 2’

Spain 2014

Directed by Maria Torregrosa Domenech

Screenplay: Maria Torregrosa Domenech

Animation: Maria Torregrosa Domenech

Technique: 2D Digital animation

Music: Adrian Berenguer

Dialogues: None


Ryüjin is the name of one of the Sea Gods, and sometimes he picks humans to give them something special...




24. Open Wide: A Series of Remarkable Events, 1’ 41’’

Canada 2014

Directed by Andreea Vrabie

Screenplay: Andreea Vrabie

Animation: Andreea Vrabie

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Francis Theberge

Dialogues: None


Through an unexpected journey occasioned by a dream, Open Wide questions the role and the importance of our unconscious life.




25. A Theory of Everything, 2’ 05’’

USA 2014

Directed by Catalina Matamoros

Screenplay: Catalina Matamoros

Animation: Catalina Matamoros

Technique: Mixed Technique, 2D, 3D Computer animation

Music: Alexis and Sam

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


A geometric visual music composition about the essential parts of everything and the platonic solids.




26. Better world, 2’ 34’’

Germany 2015

Directed by Johanna Selge

Screenplay: Johanna Selge

Animation: Johanna Selge

Technique: Johanna Selge

Music: Johanna Selge

Dialogues: Johanna Selge

Language of dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


Two antagonists meet unintentionally: one, perfect example of rational top-heaviness, the other of a life of full excesses. The film is about the poles which they embody, the feelings which releases in us, around prejudices and tolerance.




27. Focus, 1’ 20’’

Canada 2015

Directed by Olea Tvengsberg

Screenplay: Olea Tvengsberg

Animation: Olea Tvengsberg

Technique: 3D Computer animation


Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


Magnus is a subject for the Focus Clinical Research and Testing Centre, he has to try a new type of pill. Which after the first one, he discovers that they make him change personality and do things he never imagined could do.




28. Incident, 1’ 56’’

Bulgaria 2014

Directed by Dimitar Velev

Screenplay: Prof. Ivan Vesselinov, Dimitar Velev

Animation: Dimitar Velev

Technique: Cut-out animation

Music: Niya Veleva

Dialogues: None


A short tale of absurd and apathy.




29. Solitary, 2’ 28’’

Iran 2014

Directed by Nasrin Ghashghaei

Screenplay: Nasrin Ghashghaei

Animation: Nasrin Ghashghaei


Music: Amin Salemi

Dialogues: None


Solitary is about a virtual place in human`s Mind. The actions are not really happen. But That`s a typification about what people do with Themselves.




30. A 4363's Trip, 2’ 55’’

UK / France 2014

Directed by Valentine Dumez

Screenplay: Valentine Dumez

Animation: Valentine Dumez


Music: Bastien Dupriez

Dialogues: None


“A 4363's Trip” is an abstract direct-on-film short film, made using painting and scratches. The main leitmotiv of the film is the circle. The film was conceived for a music done by Bastien Dupriez.




31. The other side, 4’ 25’’

India 2014

Directed by Nishanth Sanjay

Screenplay: Nishanth Sanjay

Animation: Nishanth Sanjay

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Aniruddh S Menon, Vivek Singh Sangwan Dialogues: None


The character is in a state of introspection,in search for answers. In doubt of being a Narcissist and the revelation of 'The Other Side' he is on a journey to unravel the situation he is in.