Student - Programme 10 (112')

Student Competition

Tuesday, 1 March 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 23:00-1:00


01. Once Upon A Slave's Ambition, 4’ 30’’

USA 2014

Directed by Eunice Chang

Screenplay: Eunice Chang

Animation: Eunice Chang

Technique: 2D

Music: Eunice Chang, Marika Takeuchi

Dialogues: None


Set during Korea's Chosun dynasty, an abused slave and her baby son stumble across a wondrous place to call home and start a new life. However, as time passes, their happiness is threatened by a disturbing truth.




02. Her long nails, 4’ 39’’

India 2014

Directed by Nausheen Javed

Screenplay: Nausheen Javed

Animation: Nausheen Javed

Technique: Mixed media, Animation on paper

Music: Troy Vasanth

Dialogues: None





03. Nature Minutes: Hibernation, 1’ 52’’

Canada 2014

Directed by David Viramontes

Screenplay: David Viramontes

Animation: David Viramontes

Technique: 3D Animation

Music: 5 Alarm Music

Dialogues: None


On this installment of nature minutes we learn how Berny the bear copes with hunger during hibernation.




04. The Predators of Transylvania, 6’ 25’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Julia Kolenakova

Screenplay: Julia Kolenakova

Animation: Julia Kolenakova

Technique: Combination of Cartoon and Computer Animation

Music: Ondrej Rosik

Dialogues: Slovakia

Subtitles: English


Two kids are running away from the big wolf. But, as the rising sun starts shining over the dark forest, it is clear, that not everything is in the way, as it seems.




05. Unordinary journey in an ordinary day, 3’

Canada 2014

Directed by Yoshino Aoki

Screenplay: Yoshino Aoki

Animation: Yoshino Aoki

Technique: Stop-Motion, 2D animation

Music: William Edery

Dialogues: None


An abstract chain of unordinary events occurs in one old woman's ordinary day




06. Repalce, 1’ 48’

Hong Kong 2014

Directed by Ka Yung Cheung

Screenplay: Ka Yung Cheung

Animation: Yiu Ying Yeung

Technique: 3D Computer animation


Dialogues: None


A child and the toys…




07. A Documentary Film, 6’ 50’’

Poland 2015

Directed by Marcin Podolec

Screenplay: Marcin Podolec

Animation: Marcin Podolec

Technique: Computer Animation 2D, Drawings, Photos

Music: Wiktoria Nowak

Dialogues: Polish

Subtitles: English


Portrait of a father, whose children live their own lives far away from him.




08. Dreams of Tea, 3’

USA 2014

Directed by Zoë Allen-Wickler

Screenplay: Zoë Allen-Wickler

Animation: Zoë Allen-Wickler

Technique: Zoë Allen-Wickler

Music: Zoë Allen-Wickler

Dialogues: None


When an average morning in the life of an eccentric, tea-drinking scientist goes wonky, he begins to question reality and enters a series of surreal dreams.




09. Whooopadoo, 1’

Austria 2015

Directed by Kalina Horon

Screenplay: Kalina Horon

Animation: Kalina Horon

Technique: Drawn Animation

Music: Kalina Horon

Dialogues: None


The film is about fff hhhh anaudhddh hhhaaa rrroooqqqqq and gggyyyuuuu




10. Shadows, 4’ 18’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Zuzana Žiaková

Screenplay: Ivana Feketeová

Animation: Zuzana Žiaková

Technique: 3D, Hand Drawn Animation

Music: Michal Izakovič

Dialogues: None


Gently - dark animated film about a girl, Maja, who is chased by a shadow of a big black dog. What will happen if she decides to stop running and face her fears?




11. Journal, 3’

Romania 2014

Directed by Andreea Mitica

Screenplay: Andreea Mitica

Animation: Andreea Mitica

Technique: Frame by Frame, 2D Computer animation


Dialogues: None


Journal is a self portrait animation that takes you inside the author's intimacy by showing simple, private precious moments in the everyday life.




12. The Sound of Crickets, 6’

Switzerland 2014

Directed by Justine Klaiber

Screenplay: Justine Klaiber

Animation: Justine Klaiber

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Andreas Bissig

Dialogues: None


A young girl has to find the strength to fight for freedom and independence from her tyrannical mother.




13. Camping Misadventures, 4’ 22’’

USA 2015

Directed by Chris Choyce

Screenplay: Chris Choyce

Animation: Chris Choyce



Dialogues: English


A family from the city goes camping. What can go wrong, does go wrong.




14. Reach, 3’ 52’’

USA 2015

Directed by Ahmed Elmatarawi

Screenplay: Ahmed Elmatarawi

Animation: Ahmed Elmatarawi, Xue Lan


Music: Melissa Terry

Dialogues: None


A short film illustrating the act of altruism.




15. When frogs learn to fly, 2’ 50’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Valentin Oellers

Screenplay: Valentin Oellers

Animation: Valentin Oellers

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Valentin Oellers

Dialogues: None


The everlasting battle between frogs and flies does turn in a circle, if you take a look closely, and as we can see does not always win the stronger.




16. In Line, 3’ 57’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Kamila Kucikova

Screenplay: Kamila Kucikova

Animation: Kamila Kucikova

Technique: Hand drawn with paint animation

Music: Michal Horvath

Dialogues: None


Tedious queueing is not always rewarded.




17. Printbird, 1’ 07’’

Belgium 2015

Directed by Gerd de Kinderen

Screenplay: Gerd de Kinderen


Technique: 2D Drawing animation


Dialogues: None


A bird moves to the sounds of a printer. He finds a nut and tries to crack it...




18. Lost in Thoughts, 6’ 13’’

Belgium / Netherlands 2014

Directed by Jasmijn Cedee

Screenplay: Jasmijn Cedee

Animation: Jasmijn Cedee

Technique: Mixed 2D cel, Stop-motion

Music: Patrick Housen

Dialogues: None


A journey in a journal leads us into a depressed mind. Where love and frustration have a fight.




19. Deep Space, 7’ 06’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Bruno Tondeur

Screenplay: Bruno Tondeur

Animation: Bruno Tondeur

Technique: Bruno Tondeur

Music: Pierre Slicnkx

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


Brandon is given his first intergalactic mission: to find an intelligent species. For months he will live a strange experience on a planet with surprising manners. Our astronaut will have to resist mentally and physically with his all being.




20. Gaslighting, 4’ 33’’

Finland 2014

Directed by Hetti Rönnemaa

Screenplay: Hetti Rönnemaa

Animation: Hetti Rönnemaa


Music: Aleksi Klemetti

Dialogues: None


Gaslighting is an animated film about a woman who struggles to overcome the aftermath of her emotional abuse. The journey to recovery takes her to different places of her mind.




21. No Espace, 4’ 51’’

Germany 2013

Directed by Andreas Thürck

Screenplay: Andreas Thürck

Animation: Andreas Thürck

Technique: 3D Computer animation, Matte painting

Music: Timon Wientzek

Dialogues: None


No Escape is a dystopian, atmospheric and visually stunning 3D animation movie. A seemingly lifeless world is dominated by a mysterious power. Looking for energy, flying guards attack the forests like parasites and suck out the trees.




22. Amore 2’ 03’’

UK 2014

Directed by Tess Atkins

Screenplay: Tess Atkins

Animation: Tess Atkins, Lauren Cox, Shaun Corbet

Technique: 2D Hand drawn, 2D Digital animation

Music: Janine Forrester

Dialogues: None


A mime falls in love with a beautiful statue, mistaking her for another street performer. He decides to try everything to get her attention…




23. Coffee to Go, 3’ 34’’

UK 2014

Directed by Josh Barlow

Screenplay: Josh Barlow

Animation: Josh Barlow, Margaux Couet, Sookie Greene, Tom Harrison

Technique: CGI animation

Music: Ken Zachrisson

Dialogues: None


One rainy night, in an airport in the middle of nowhere, a tired business man wakes up to catch a flight. All he wants is cup of coffee, but when he loses it he’s sent on a chase through the airport to try and get it back!




24. Do Us Part, 5’ 31’’

UK 2014

Directed by Bradley McNaughton

Screenplay: Bradley McNaughton

Animation: Bradley McNaughton, Amy Backwell, Emma Scott

Technique: Stop-motion, Puppets

Music: Brendon Willis, Douglas Yassen, Garrett Overcash

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


A story of the untimely demise of a really rather unpleasant couple.




25. The Bull Fighter, 3’ 51’’

UK 2014

Directed by Matthew Mawford

Screenplay: Matthew Mawford

Animation: Matthew Mawford, Amy Backwell, Emma Scott, Hayley Thomas, Peter Kellagher

Technique: Stop-motion, Puppets

Music: Des Henly, Richard Whitehouse

Dialogues: None


The scene is set in the oldest bull-fighting arena the Dalucia Ronda, Spain. The notorious matador Carlos finds himself on an unexpected, battle of wits, against the most feared bull in Spain, Maximus.




26. Fetch, 3’ 15’’

UK 2014

Directed by Jack Sleeman

Screenplay: Jack Sleeman

Animation: Jack Sleeman, Krasimir Koev, Antonia Yordanova

Technique: 2D Hand drawn, 2D Digital animation

Music: Stephen Thomas

Dialogues: None


A monstrous werewolf’s bloodthirsty nature is compromised by its canine compulsions.




27. Lost Sands, 3’ 15’’

UK 2014

Directed by Aaron Babla, Thomas Roisland

Screenplay: Aaron Babla, Thomas Roisland

Animation: Aaron Babla, Amy Backwell, Emma Scott

Technique: Stop-Motion With Puppets

Music: Scott Hazel

Dialogues: None


A stop motion action adventure about Arthur James, a man who goes in search of the treasure that his long lost father has set out to find.




28. Minefield, 4’ 23’’

UK 2014

Directed by Stelios Petrakos

Screenplay: Stelios Petrakos

Animation: Stelios Petrakos, Walt Habgood, Jess Cochrane, Laura Ansell

Technique: CGI animation

Music: Janine Forrester

Dialogues: None


Lost in a snowstorm two soldiers find themselves unwittingly stumbling into a minefield. They must now use all of their ingenuity to get escape without being blown to smithereens.




29. Nsoromma, 3’ 23’’

UK 2014

Directed by Michael Eckton

Screenplay: Michael Eckton

Animation: Michael Eckton, Lola Hale, Beverly Yeang, Gifty Sersah

Technique: CGI animation


Dialogues: None


The plot of the film follows the story of a Golem who is the last of his kind. After centuries of solitude the Golum makes a new friend just as disaster is about to strike once more.




30. The Shipping Forecast, 4’ 02’’

UK 2014

Direction: David Blanche

Screenplay: David Blanche

Animation: David Blanche, Jack Way, Rosie Andrews


Music: Cei Frampton, Claudio Santos

Dialogues: None


A story which follows the lives of Tomas and Alis: a retired couple in a small British coastal town dealing with the harsh realities of Dementia.