Student - Programme 8 (108')

Student Competition

Monday, 30 March 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 23:00-1:00


01. Among Trees, 8’ 28’’

Czech Republic 2015

Directed by Pavla Baštanová

Screenplay: Pavla Baštanová

Animation: Pavla Baštanová

Technique: 2D animation (drawn animation in computer)

Music: Dan Řezníček

Dialogues: None


This short animated film tells a story about searching, finding and preserving love. It happens when two foxes meet accidentally. In the very beginning there is a fear, shyness and doubts but it changes into curiosity and finally into desire. The film basically shows how not being alone is important and beautiful.



02. Colour, 3’ 28’’

Hong Kong 2014

Directed by Ki Yuen Tsang

Screenplay: Chak Fung Ip

Animation: Chak Fung Ip

Technique: 3D computer animation


Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


ln a white world, there are three character inside, red, yellow and blue, they liked their colours, they want to empty their own colours painted world, but in the course of the case occurred in the region to compete with each other, mixing the three primary colours make the whole world was a big mess, the world become black one then. Later, they feel guilty because of the mess world, so they decided to unite, they try to exert the colour of their own, use characteristics of the three primary colors, create more kinds colours, added a different color for the world, make the world to be more colorful.



03. Missing Bees, 3’ 02’’

Hong Kong 2013

Directed by Ching Chiu Lam, Ka Yung Cheung, Ki Yuen Tsang, Wai Lam Wan

Screenplay: Ching Chiu Lam

Animation: Ka Yung Cheung

Technique: 3D Computer


Dialogues: N/A

Subtitles: English


Bees, an organism seems insignificant and abominable. However, they are closely related to our society. Recently, bees disappear gradually because of the serious pollution. Only very little people put focus on this problem, but the extinction of bees will destroy our food chain, further lead to the extinction of human beings. We hope to raise people’s awareness of this profound issue through our animation.



04. Violence, 1’ 18’’

Hong Kong 2014

Directed by Man Kit Siu, Ka Yung Cheung, Chak Fung Ip, Wing Hang Chan

Screenplay: Ka Yung Cheung

Animation: Chak Fung Ip

Technique: 3D Computer


Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


In the world, no matter where you are, violence always happen. However, we found that the victims always affair to face the problem at source. Same as the characters in the movie, they face different kind of violence and try to run away. When they meet each other, they try to consociate. Finally, they face the violence together. We hope the victims in the world can fight for their right and face the violence.



05. Ground Floor, 2’ 50’’

Israel 2014

Directed by Asya Aizenstein

Screenplay: Asya Aizenstein

Animation: Asya Aizenstein

Technique: 2D drawn animation

Music: Yonatan Albalak and Uri Kalian

Dialogues: None


An urban environment reflects the inner feelings of a city walker.



06. Batman vs Superman, 1’ 40’’

UK 2015

Directed by Harvey Macdonald

Screenplay: Harvey Macdonald

Animation: Stop-motion

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: Royalty-free

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


The Dark Knight faces off against the Man of Steel in this short Lego animated fight scene, based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller.



07. Villains, 5’ 22’’

UK 2014

Directed by Alex Crowley

Screenplay: Alex Crowley

Animation: Alex Crowley

Technique: Stop-Motion

Music: Michal Brzezinski

Dialogues: Mathew Swann, Thomas Peacefull, Harriet Titlow

Language of dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


Infamy. Notoriety. Legacy. Three words accurately describing what egotistical Kevin and his team of misfits hope to achieve with their villainous plan.



08. The Little Boy in the Big Forest, 1’ 58’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Kenny Hoste

Screenplay: Kenny Hoste

Animation: Kenny Hoste

Technique: Hand drawn with bistre, Composition and editing on computer


Dialogues: Kenny Hoste

Language of dialogues: French

Subtitles: English


A little boy takes a walk through a big forest, where he hears wild beasts howling in the night.



09. How the World Began, 6’ 16’’

Hungary 2013

Directed by Iván Tamás

Screenplay: Iván Tamás

Animation: Iván Tamás

Technique: 2D Computer animation


Dialogues: Hungarian

Subtitles: English


Two wrestlers, a mad elephant, an old lady and her kleptomaniac daughter, 160 camels and a great flood are all essential to deciphering how the world began!



10. The Subtenant, 6’ 43’’

Poland 2015

Directed by Damian Krakowiak

Screenplay: Damian Krakowiak

Animation: Damian Krakowiak

Technique: 3D Animation, Drawing, Stop-Motion

Music: QDC

Dialogues: None


Apartment of main character is hiding some secret. Their interaction begins to trigger more negative energy. The film is about different stages of loneliness and depression.



11. Song of the Man, 6’ 51’’

UK / Bulgaria 2015

Directed by Eleonora Asparuhova

Screenplay: Nikola Vaptsarov

Animation: Eleonora Asparuhova

Technique: Hand drawn on paper

Music: Epidemic Sound, Piano with Cello

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


A murderer goes to prison after killing his father for money and surrounded by darkness is where he finds his light. An adaptation of the Bulgarian poem "Song of the Man" by Nikola Vaptsarov.



12. Tibiaq, 7’ 25’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Henrike Rothe

Screenplay: Henrike Rothe

Animation: Ulf Grenzer, Lisa Neubauer, Henrike Rothe

Technique: Digital 2D animation

Music: Oleg Hollmann

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


The young Tibiaq sets off to look for his lost brother who was captured by an evil spirit. It turns out to be a dangerous but magical journey. A free adaption of an Inuit legend.



13. The Chair, 3’ 57’’

Portugal 2014

Directed by Students of the School E/B. 2.3 Prof. Dr. Egas Moniz, Avanca

Screenplay: Students of the School E/B. 2.3 Prof. Dr. Egas Moniz, Avanca

Animation: Collective of children

Technique: Real image, Frame-by-frame

Music: António Osório, António Fonseca

Dialogues: None


The story of a chair that feels lost when removed from its usual place.

Rejected by the new group to which it belongs, its aim is to fight to be a part of it and conquer new friends.



14. Conquerers of the Triangle Space, 6’ 15’’

Poland 2015

Directed by Alicja Błaszczyńska

Screenplay: Alicja Błaszczyńska

Animation: Alicja Błaszczyńska

Technique: Stop-motion


Dialogues: Polish

Subtitles: English


Two triangular creatures are trapped on a platform. When strange voice from space tells them what to do to get out creatures begin the game which is not as easy as the instruction they got.



15. Blood Ties, 3’ 53’’

France 2014

Directed by Sophie Kavouridis, Manon Lazzari, Marion Louw, Simon Pannetrat and Thomas Ricquier

Screenplay: Sophie Kavouridis, Manon Lazzari, Marion Louw, Simon Pannetrat and Thomas Ricquier

Animation: Sophie Kavouridis, Manon Lazzari, Marion Louw, Simon Pannetrat and Thomas Ricquier


Music: Thomas Ricquier

Dialogues: None


In a family headed by a tyrannical father, the younger daughter will regain his freedom on his birthday ...



16. A Dog's Life, 8’ 20’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Pieter Vandenabeele

Screenplay: Pieter Vandenabeele

Animation: Pieter Vandenabeele

Technique: 2D Digital


Dialogues: None


A dog lives a lonely life in the house of his master and tries to fill his days with all kinds of hobbies.

Hopefully, some unexpected event will take place. If not, this could turn out to be a very boring film.



17. The Search for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt, 3’ 28’’

USA 2015

Directed by Sarah Lynne Reul

Screenplay: Sarah Lynne Reul

Animation: Sarah Lynne Reul

Technique: Hand-drawn animation in TVPaint, with Cintiq


Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


Lake Quannapowitt does not have a monster. Or does it?



18. Alien Antics!, 6’ 30’’

USA 2014

Directed by Terry L. Ernsberger

Screenplay: Terry L. Ernsberger

Animation: Terry L. Ernsberger

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Nate Combs

Dialogues: N/A

Subtitles: N/A


An alien and his little buddy get more than they bargained for when they try to steal a freezer full of ice cream treats from a backwater gas station near Roswell, New Mexico.



19. Nighty Night, 6’ 23’’,

Czech Republic 2014

Directed by Viktor Svoboda

Screenplay: Viktor Svoboda

Animation: Viktor Svoboda

Technique: Computer 2D

Music: Pavel Vrtěl

Dialogues: None


Older brother teases his sister and she can’t sleep that night. And he is the only one close by when his sister is having a bad dream.



20. The Last Homeland, Huixin Huang, 5’ 56’’

China 2013

Directed by Huixin Huang

Screenplay: Huixin Huang

Animation: Huixin Huang, Zhang Shimin, Zheng Kaiwen, Deng Yinmei

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Chen Sihui

Dialogues: None


It's a story happens in the world which is destroyed by humans, because of an endless war. A polar bear and a penguin are looking for a new homeland and food. The humans only want to kill each other, animals are trying to survive.



21. Gashapon Kou-lou-kou-lou, 5’ 12’’

Taiwan 2014

Directed by Wei-Yuan Chen

Screenplay: Wei-Yuan Chen

Animation: Eden Chan, Wen-Yi Chen


Music: Wen-Yi Chen

Dialogues: None


Facing the plots that we transformed from our observation of society, the leading role questioned the society and intended to do something at last.



22. Swim Your Way, 6’ 14’’

Taiwan 2014

Directed by Eden Chan

Screenplay: Eden Chan

Animation: Eden Chan



Dialogues: None

Subtitles: Chinese, English


Three little guys lived a normal life in the ruins. One day a mysterious object fell from the sky, and stimulated them to swim. However, due to the structure of their bodies, which were not appropriate for the freestyle stroke, they felt depressed.



23. Pa Pa Pa, 1’ 56’’

Taiwan 2015

Directed by Eden Chan

Screenplay: Eden Chan

Animation: Eden Chan



Dialogues: None


This is an imagined story about turning three different elements into an unusual situation.