Student - Programme 7 (113')

Student Competition

Monday, 30 March 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 21:00-23:00


01. Pidge, 4’ 34’’

USA 2014

Directed by Renee Zhan

Screenplay: Renee Zhan

Animation: Renee Zhan

Technique: 2D computer


Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


A suicidal pigeon contemplates his existence.



02. An adventurous afternoon, 6’

Germany 2013

Directed by Ines Christine Geisser, Kirsten Carina Geisser (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Ines Christine Geisser, Kirsten Carina Geisser

Animation: Ines Christine Geisser, Kirsten Carina Geisser

Technique: Drawn animation, Scratched Crayon, 2D Computer

Music: The Giant Fox & Willam Honda Group, Jan Kristian Fuchs, Karl Ingo Willam

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


Actually Giant Fox & William Honda just want to enjoy a coffee together, but the afternoon is getting more adventurous than they thought.



03. Wind, 3’ 49’’

Germany 2013

Directed by Robert Löbel (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Robert Löbel

Animation: Robert Löbel

Technique: QuickTime HD


Dialogues: None


Wind is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions.



04. 20Tweleve, 3’ 34’’

Germany 2012

Directed by Christian Stahl (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Madleen Kamrath, Julien Wilkens, Jens-Henrik Kuiper

Animation: Christian Stahl

Technique: HD (RedOne)

Music: Tom VonderSonne

Dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


Freedom of the press is one of our greatest assets. We just need to make journalists aware of abuses and defend this fundamental right. But we must also focus on self-critical on the way we work. Freedom of the press is regularly put to the test. The short film "20zwoelf" - the video essay - is pushing this issue to the extreme: a Germany without a free press – unthinkable?



05. Bear, 8’ 14’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Pascal Flörks (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Pascal Flörks

Animation: Pascal Flörks

Technique: Mixed Media (Autodesk Maya, Nuke, Adobe Photoshop, Solidangle Arnold, Adobe Premiere)

Music: Christian Heck

Dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


My grandpa's past was always very present. It would break through in something he'd say or do, but he'd never talk about it. Only now, by revisiting his life and personality as I knew him, do I feel the weight of his inheritance.



06. Eat, 6’ 30’’

Germany 2012

Directed by Moritz Krämer (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Ines Berwing

Animation: Moritz Krämer

Technique: HD (RedCam)

Music: Conrad Oleak, Moritz Krämer, Patrick Reising, Francesco Wilking

Dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


A photoshoot. The model Helen is unnerved. Back in the changing room she makes a surprising discovery. Everything around her is edible - the chair, the TV, the walls…



07. Cathcer, 5’

Germany 2014

Directed by Fabian Koppenhöfer (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Fabian Koppenhöfer

Animation: Fabian Koppenhöfer, Markus Färber, Frederico Klotz

Technique: 3D Animation: Cinema 4D, After Effects

Music: Fabian Koppenhöfer

Dialogues: None


The catcher desperately tries on the edge of a steep cliff to preserve the playing children from falling into the abyss. At the end he has no other option to go his own way.



08. Fortune Faded, 3’ 11’’

Germany 2012

Directed by Alexander Heringer (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Team Fortune Faded

Animation: 2D: Achim Lenz, Daniel Galiard, Rainer Bez, 3D: Felix Schwarz, Bianca Jürgens, Benjamin Dongus, Andreas Krausser

Technique: ARRI D21 (1920x1080HD)

Music: David Lackovic

Dialogues: None


Every Moment leads to another one. Thus, to understand one Moment one has to know about his background, because everything has a cause and everything has an effect. Fortune Faded describes this principle with a journey through these moments and tells a story of a fateful concatenation, that finally ends up in fire and ashes.



09. Plug & play, 6’

Switzerland 2013

Directed by Michael Frei (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Michael Frei

Animation: Michael Frei

Technique: Digital HD 1080p25

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


Anthropoid creatures with plugs in place of heads are up to mischief. Instead of abandoning oneself to the dictates of the raised finger, they soon submit to themselves. But the fingers also finger around. Is it love? Plug & play is entirely finger-drawn using an integrated touchpad of a laptop.



10. Water, 9’ 56’’

Germany / UK 2014

Direction: Leonardo Re (Agent: Markus Kaatsch, aug&ohr medien)

Screenplay: Tim R. Gloystein

Animation: Leonardo Re

Technique: HD

Music: Carlos Badosa

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


Wasser explores various stages of a man's apathy. Unable to see or perceive his wife, he associates her missing with water. To remind himself of her and in an attempt to avoid his more and more self-centric behaviour, he exhibits water-filled jars throughout the apartment. Based on a true story.



11. In full flower, 3’ 45’’

Poland 2015

Directed by Aleksandra Kucwaj

Screenplay: Aleksandra Kucwaj

Animation: Aleksandra Kucwaj

Technique: Computer

Music: Paris Music

Dialogues: Aleksandra Kucwaj

Language of dialogues: Polish

Subtitles: Aleksandra Kucwaj

Language of Subtitles: English


A simple chat between two neighbours unveils mysterious actions.



12. Image, 3’ 39’’

Iran 2014

Directed by Yousef Jafary

Screenplay: Yousef Jafary

Animation: Mona Shokri, Reza Dehghan, Mehdi Bahrami

Technique: 2D- 3D

Music: Ali Naghi Vaziri

Dialogues: Persian

Subtitles: English


Image is a short animated documentary about the imagination of a child from one of the Iranian stamp collections.



13. The Life-Givers, 6’ 38’’

USA 2014

Directed by Angela De Vito

Screenplay: Angela De Vito

Animation: Angela De Vito

Technique: 2D Digital

Music: Jerome Leroy

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


In the caves below the earth are housed thousands of candles, each representing a human life. Life-Givers light the candles, signifying the birth of a child, while Death snuffs out the flame when the person’s time on earth has ended. "The Life-Givers” follows the story of a young apprentice “life-giver” who struggles with the idea that life must one day come to an end, however she learns that Death is not as final as it appears to be…



14. Cursed, 4’ 15’’

The Netherlands 2014

Directed by Merel van den Broek, Nicole Derksen

Screenplay: Merel van den Broek, Nicole Derksen

Animation: Merel van den Broek, Nicole Derksen

Technique: 2D Computer Animation

Music: Bruce Lim, Sophie (Yu) Song

Dialogues: N/A

Subtitles: N/A


Cursed is about a villainess who enjoys bringing chaos and disaster. But when something crosses her way of evil-doing, things turn out for the unexpected.



15. The Sheep Shop, 3’ 17’’

The Netherlands 2014

Directed by Jorn Leeuwerink

Screenplay: Jorn Leeuwerink

Animation: Jorn Leeuwerink

Technique: 2D Computer Animation

Music: Jorn Leeuwerink, Myra Emmen Riedel

Dialogues: None


Grandmother Sheep sells woollen sweaters at her shop. But where does the wool come from?



16. With joy and merriness, 5’ 52’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Jeanne Boukraa

Animation: Jeanne Boukraa

Technique: 2D On Computer

Music: Benoit Charron, Jeremy Bocquet

Dialogues: French

Subtitles: English


"With joy and merriness" is a experimental documentary where we observe, through every day scenes, the degeneration of a society where the rise of technology leeds the population to the biggest dream of all men: immortality.



17. Don't Feed The Penguin, 6’ 38’’

France 2014

Directed by Alenka Krizenecky

Screenplay: Alenka Krizenecky

Animation: Alenka Krizenecky

Technique: Alenka Krizenecky

Music: Stéphane Erhardt

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


Jo is an employee at a 24/7 Asian food court. On this particular night, while business is slow, he kills time by eating. When a maki he is about to eat warns him about a penguin, he turns slightly paranoid.



18. Simorgh, 4’ 30’’

USA 2014

Directed by Meghdad Asadi Lari

Screenplay: Meghdad Asadi Lari

Animation: Meghdad Asadi Lari

Technique: 3D , 2D

Music: Saba Alizadeh

Dialogues: None


Simorgh is a personal interpretation of The Conference of the Birds by Farid ud-Din Attar. A choreographic piece that incorporates Persian music, calligraphic art and ornament designs to tell the traditional Persian story of life that deals with the fragility of self worth.



19. Over My Dead Body, 3’ 38’’

Poland 2015

Directed by Agata Mianowska

Screenplay: Agata Mianowska

Animation: Agata Mianowska



Dialogues: Polish

Subtitles: English


Mr and Mrs cat are having a family dinner. Their daughter is coming with Albert, her new boyfriend. Unfortunately he is a rabbit… and a contemporary artist.



20. Dreams, 0’ 38’’

Australia 2015

Directed by Helsa Tanaya

Screenplay: Helsa Tanaya

Animation: Helsa Tanaya

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Claude Debussy

Dialogues: n/a


A surreal story about a girl’s dream as she imagines herself exploring a fantastic world and free from her illness.



21. Speak Up, 0’ 51’’

Australia 2014

Directed by Helsa Tanaya

Screenplay: Helsa Tanaya

Animation: Helsa Tanaya

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Franz Liszt (Public Domain Mark 1.0)

Dialogues: None


A short story about a guy who must overcome his shyness and break off his own shell to connect with others.



22. Rosso Papavero, 5’ 15’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Martin Smatana

Screenplay: Ivana Sujova

Animation: Martin Smatana

Technique: Stop-motion Animation, Puppets

Music: Studio Fontana

Dialogues: None


Once upon a starry night, a small boy with the head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus performances. Dazed by endless chain of glittering attractions he realizes that the price for a ticket to the fantastic circus tent is too high and gate between reality and dream is closing.



23. Dreams, 0’ 38’’

USA 2015

Directed by Emily Wilsnon

Screenplay: Emily Wilsnon

Animation: Emily Wilsnon

Technique: 2D Computer animation


Dialogues: None


A ballerina dances in a white room and once she is finished she wakes up in her bed without legs and we see that she was in a war that took her legs.