Student - Programme 6 (112')

Student Competition


Saturday, 28 March 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 23:00-1:00


1. Islands, 12’ 30’’

Colombia 2014

Directed by Catalina Vásquez Salazar

Screenplay: Catalina Vásquez Salazar

Animation: Catalina Vásquez Salazar, Sebastián Quintero Mesa, David Castaño Luján, Julián García Mejía

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Felipe Aristizábal

Dialogues: None


A man and a woman meet by accident. A spark occurs, “chemistry” appears among these characters that will go through an emotional that will become them in “Islands”.




2. ThunderHead, 39’’

Directed by Allison Pisha

Screenplay: Allison Pisha

Animation: Allison Pisha





“What if the rainclouds came to life?” This short animation contemplates the nature of thunderheads and the clouds’ relationship to other lifeforms.




3. Brutalism, 2’ 42’’

Italy / France 2014

Directed by Jessica Poon

Screenplay: Jessica Poon

Animation: Jessica Poon

Technique: Charcoal Erase, Photography, Stop-motion

Music: Stefano Miraglia

Dialogues: None


A political allegory expressed with the destruction of the classical style by a giant that overpowers the city, and the reconstruction of another architectural style, Brutalism. This piece evaluates the abandonment of personal expressions and humanly interaction in replacement of coldness, violent and indifference.




4. April 21, 4’

Hong Kong 2014

Directed by Jessica Poon

Screenplay: Jessica Poon

Animation: Jessica Poon

Technique: 2D drawn on paper, Charcoal-erase, Cut-out animation

Music: Kwan Fai Lam

Dialogues: None


Anxious Cubeman getting ready for his first date.




5. Cycle, 4’ 41’’

Canada 2014

Directed by Raquel Sancinetti

Screenplay: Raquel Sancinetti

Animation: Raquel Sancinetti


Music: -

Dialogues: None


A man and a woman surrounded by the overwhelming noise of electronics and consumerism. A portrait of loneliness in modern times.




6. Two Idiots In A Boat, 1’ 50’’

UK 2014

Directed by Andrew Whittle

Screenplay: Andrew Whittle

Animation: Andrew Whittle

Technique: Digital cut-out animation

Music: Sam Willmott

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


Two imbecile fishermen manage to fish a Chimpanzee out of the ocean. Never having seen a Chimpanzee before and unfamiliar with what a French person looks like, they mistake it for a French spy...




7. The very long John, 5’ 20’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Frank Pingel

Screenplay: Frank Pingel

Animation: Frank Pingel

Technique: Digital drawn

Music: Simon Brinkmann, Luna Picciotto

Dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


John is celebrating his 7th birthday - but he got no friends. The other children think he is strange. John knew he is different. His penis is more than 4 meters long.




8. Grandma, 7’ 30’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Karolien Raeymaekers

Screenplay: Karolien Raeymaekers

Animation: Karolien Raeymaekers


Music: Ruben De Gheselle

Dialogues: None


A young girl has to conquer her fear for her grandmother who is terminally ill.




9. Homoinsectus, 2’ 24’’

Bulgaria 2014

Directed by Stanislav Vasilev

Screenplay: Stanislav Vasilev

Animation: Stanislav Vasilev

Technique: Hand drawn animation (ink on paper), Photoshop, After Effects


Dialogues: None


Homoinsectus tells the story of human life through the eyes of an “insect”, a short story about the eternal struggle and striving for the light, for a new and a better life. Can we change our destiny or are we doomed to remain where we are meant to?




10. Tusk, 5’ 16’’

UK 2014

Directed by Rory Waudby-Tolley

Screenplay: Rory Waudby-Tolley

Animation: Rory Waudby-Tolley





A mammoth is defrosted into an unrecognisable future.




11. On my planet, 7’ 37’’

China 2014

Direction: Meng-Qian Chen

Screenplay: Meng-Qian Chen

Animation: Meng-Qian Chen


Music: Min He, Lister Rossel

Dialogues: English


The story of on my planet is a short love story. The concept is that everyone owns a little planet. The main character of my story is little boy called blue who owns a big blue planet but lives a very lonely and boring life.




12. Mr. Poo Bean, 1’ 02’’

USA 2014

Direction: Alan Shaochi Hung

Screenplay: Alan Shaochi Hung

Animation: Alan Shaochi Hung


Music: "Jerome Rose-Piano Sonata No.14 "Moonlight"



“Mr. Poo Bean” is a funny animated short that tells a sad story of Mr. Poo Bean’s love life.




13. Cachorro Loko, 5’ 30’’

Germany 2014

Direction: Igor Shin Moromisato

Screenplay: Igor Shin Moromisato

Animation: Igor Shin Moromisato

Technique: Hand drawn animation

Music: Sinapis

Dialogues: None


A traffic jam holds up the entire city. Only the “Cachorros Lokos”, Brazilian motorbike couriers, can scramble past the waiting cars. But not every road leads to success...




14. Reunion, 1’ 45’’

USA 2014

Direction: Peter Zhaoyu Zhou

Screenplay: Peter Zhaoyu Zhou

Animation: Peter Zhaoyu Zhou

Technique: Sand animation




A son's journey of looking for his father after being abandoned. Their reunion in the end reveals the obstacles of life and love.




15. Menagerie, 3’ 28’’

Costa Rica / Canada

Directed by Julian Gallese

Screenplay: Julian Gallese

Animation: Julian Gallese

Technique: Hand drawn animation

Music: Lee Hutzulak

Dialogues: None


A bird in the water is dreaming about a forest, and ocean liner & himself. Then the tide drifts him to a strange shore.




16. Stolen Shoes, 1’ 29’’

UK 2014

Directed by Noriko Ishibe

Screenplay: Noriko Ishibe

Animation: Noriko Ishibe

Technique: Hand drawn on paper




Shoes are necessary to walk on the ground. In order to walk in your own style, you need to find the shoes that fit only you.




17. The Bubble, 3’ 18’’

China 2014

Direction: Nan Wang

Screenplay: Nan Wang

Animation: Nan Wang


Music: Meng Long Wang

Dialogues: None


A disabled girl blows a large bubble. She tries to communicate with the bubble but the creak sound from her wheelchair scares the bubble away. She decides to give up the wheelchair. The bubble is no longer afraid and their relationships are developed. They have a excellent trip together finally.




18. Anna O, 5’ 17’’

Israel 2014

Directed by Rotem Yarakchi

Screenplay: Rotem Yarakchi

Animation: Rotem Yarakchi

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Ziv Ravits

Dialogues: None


A short film depicting the internal world of a young phobic woman named Anna. Her phobia surfaces in the image of one realistic drop of water falling off the ceiling which then rapidly turns into pouring rain that culminates in a serious flood that alienates herself from her daughter in their own home.




19. The Golden Girl, 2’ 59’’ 

Canada 2014

Direction: Alexander Meunier

Screenplay: Alexander Meunier

Animation: Alexander Meunier

Technique: Hand drawn animation




A man tries to smoke his pipe, but is continuously interrupted by his annoying daughter.




20. Light Conversation, 1’ 41’’

Canada 2014

Directed by Alexander Meunier

Screenplay: Alexander Meunier

Animation: Alexander Meunier

Technique: Flash animation


Dialogues: English


An insect stumbles upon an LED light, and attempts speaking with it.




21. The monster and the forest, 4’ 01’’

Directed by G.I.F.

Screenplay: Students of kindergarden

Animation: Dalvaro Castro, Wayner Tristao, Dario Wanderley, Orlando Matos, Italo Oliveira, Luiz Euclides

Technique: Drawn, 2D Computer animation

Music: Dario Wanderley

Dialogues: Portuguese

Subtitles: English


The technology gives space to nature shows your power in a children universe




22. Search, 5’ 28’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Floriaan den Hoed

Screenplay: Floriaan den Hoed


Technique: Hand drawn animation

Music: Adrian Swerts

Dialogues: None


A father obsessed with birds ruins his family life and escapes to a magic underwater house.



23. Vodnik, 1’ 23’’

UK 2014

Directed by Paul Murphy

Screenplay: Paul Murphy

Animation: Paul Murphy

Technique: Charcoal based 2D, Stop-motion, Computer animation




Vodnik - A dark charcoal based animation about a sinister creature who will make any trespassers to his realm pay a fatal price




24. Wire Cutters, 8’

USA 2014

Direction: Jack Anderson

Screenplay: Jack Anderson

Animation: Jack Anderson

Technique: CG Animation

Music: Cody Bursch

Dialogues: None


A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.




25. The Plug, 1’ 44’’

Canada 2014

Directed by Dougall Dawson

Screenplay: Dougall Dawson

Animation: Dougall Dawson

Technique: Hand drawn, Computer animation

Music: Dougall Dawson



In a distant corner of space, a once dormant world is given life.




26. House, 6’ 24’’

Direction: Domen Dimovski

Screenplay: Vida Dimovska, Domen Dimovski

Animation: Domen Dimovski

Technique: 2D, 3D Computer animation

Music: Vida Dimovska

Dialogues: None


House is a short film about longing and hope. The story is set in a fantasy world, in a house on the edge of the forest.




27. A Chicken... But Farkha... Walaken, 8’ 37’’

Egypt 2014

Directed by Mahmoud Hemeda, Ahmad Thabit, Islam Mazhar

Screenplay: Mahmoud Hemeda, Ahmad Thabit, Islam Mazhar

Animation: Mahmoud Hemeda, Islam Mazhar

Technique: 2D Computer animation



Subtitles: English


A three parts short movie talking about sexual harassment in Egypt and what women in Egypt faces in their life about this social issue.



28. Last Dance on the Main, 3’ 7’’ 

Canada 2014 

Directed by Aristofanis Soulikias 

Screenplay: No Screenplay - It is a documentary 

Animation: Aristofanis Soulikias 

Technique: 2D under lit cut-outs & over lit objects

Music: Tristan Capacchione 

Dialogues: English and French 

Subtitles: English 


An animated documentary on the demolition of a row of historic buildings on Montreal’s St Laurent boulevard by politicians and building developers, and the resistance put up by the burlesque artists and the local community.