Short - Programme 6 (110')

Short Competition

Tuesday, 31 March 2015, Greek Film Archive, Hours: 20:00-22:00


Τρίτη, 31 Μαρτίου 2015, Ταινιοθήκη της Ελλάδος, Ώρες: 20:00-22:00


01. Lune, 6’ 16’’

France 2014

Directed by Toma Leroux , Patrick Delage

Screenplay: Toma Leroux, Nicolas Soloy, Philippe Baby, Patrick Delage

Animation: Jerome Charton, Benjamin Weislo, Patrick Delage

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Antonio Egea, Matthieu Langlet

Dialogues: none


At night, a sleepy town, a deserted kitchen, a microwave turns, a bottle's warming up, a hungry baby's babbling. Who's going to feed her?



02. The Mechanical Waltz, 5’

Belgium, France 2015

Directed by Julien Dykmans

Screenplay: Julien Dykmans

Animation: William Thomas

Technique: 3D animation

Music: Amaury Bernier

Dialogues: French

Subtitles: English


The Mechanical Waltz is a story of puppets living in a totalitarian world. They are destined to enact the same routine, controlled by their masters. But today is the day that frees them from the mechanical quotidian, and releases them into a beautiful waltz of freedom.



03. The Night Ocean / La Nit de l'Oceà, 12’

Spain 2015

Directed by María Lorenzo

Screenplay: María Lorenzo

Animation: María Lorenzo, Sergio Pilán

Technique: Animated drawing and painting

Music: Armando Bernabeu Lorenzo

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


A house anchored to the coast. An artist on vacation. An isolated dreamscape.

The unnameable is to come.



04. The Third Eye, 16’ 36’’

France 2014

Directed by Jerome Perrillat-Collomb

Screenplay: Jerome Perrillat-Collomb

Animation: Jerome Perrillat-Collomb, Francois Bertin, Amelie Harrault

Technique: Drawings, 2D computer animation

Music: Claude Debussy

Dialogues: French


Theo secretly piles up objects in a letterbox of an uninhabited house. These are offerings, among other rituals he makes, in which he always avoids odd numbers, and in particular, the number 3. He follows the advice of enigmatic Abra, in order to prevent misfortune from hitting him and his family. But misfortune soon strikes at his classroom’s window...



05. Sowing the Seeds of Change, 6’ 36’’

Kenya 2014

Directed by Doreen Edemafaka



Technique: 2D Computer animation

Dialogues: None


Use of trees for firewood, has caused substantial environmental and social damage in Kenya. Wangari Maathai, empowered communities to replant the country.



06. Wind, 3’ 49’’

Germany 2013

Directed by Robert Löbel

Screenplay: Robert Löbel

Technique: QuickTime HD

Dialogues: None


WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions.



07. Déjà – Moo, 10’

Germany 2013

Directed by Stefan Müller

Screenplay: Stefan Müller

Animation: Stefan Müller


Music: Ralf Merten, Gabriel Improta, IgnacioViano, Frank Nachtigall, Steffen Winkler, Gustav Lundgren



It could have been a nice Saturday ...were it not for a mad cow, a hysteric mother and two ambulance men, who are all good at one thing mainly: Creating chaos. Comedy about a young Berliner in the German Alps, who gets by a series of confusions in a hospital. A surreal nightmare for our hero, who runs from kafkaesque situations to psychedelic moments.



08. Catcher / Fänger, 5’

Germany 2014

Director Fabian Koppenhöfer

Screenplay Fabian Koppenhöfer


Technique: 3D Computer animation

Dialogues: None


The catcher desperately tries on the edge of a steep cliff to preserve the playing

children from falling into the abyss. At the end he has no other option to go his own




09. Plasticine Alphabet / Plastilinki Azbuka, 6’

Russia 2014

Directed by Sergey Merinov

Screenplay: Natalia Rumianteva, Igor Melnikpv

Technique: Clay animation

Music: Igor Satsevich

Dialogues: Russian

Subtitles: English


«Plastilinki. AlphabetL» is claymation series of funny cartoons about Russian Alphabet. Each film is a short story in a poem. Each film is a play with words and letters, a chain of magic and sudden transformations. 



10. Roadtrip, 20’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Xaver Xylophon

Screenplay: Xaver Xylophon, Ariana Berndl

Animation: Xaver Xylophon

Technique: Hand drawn (frame by frame) pen, paper & digital

Music: Xaver Xylophon

Dialogues: Germany

Subtitles: English


Julius can't sleep. To get his head empty he decides to go on a roadtrip, but somehow he can't manage to leave. A hand drawn film about failure, insomnia, a red motorbike, pretty bargirls, the desolateness of Berlin (even in summer) and waterproof socks



11. Three Kings / Trzej Krolowie, 8’ 09’’

Poland 2014

Directed by Anna Blaszczyk

Screenplay: Anna Blaszczyk

Animation: Anna Blaszczyk, Agata Droga-Bazan, Tomasz Lesniak

Technique: Collage, Painting, Cut-out animation

Music: Jan Duszynski

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


An animated short film based on a pastoral from “Pastorals and Carols with melodies”, published in Cracow in 1843. Three Kings: naive Gaspar, shy Melchior and nervous Balthasar embark on a journey following the light of the Star… The film refers to a biblical parable but it’s free of pathos – first of all it’s a tale about the adventures of the three men.



12. The Looking Planet, 16' 38''
USA 2014
Directed by Eric Law Anderson
Screenplay: Eric Law Anderson
Animation: Eric Law Anderson, Sara Smilnak, Shelbi Caudill, John Sasser
Technique: CGI
Music: licensed from Audio Network
Dialogues: Fictional language
Subtitles: English

During the construction of the universe, a young member of the Cosmos Corps of Engineers decides to break some fundamental laws in the name of self expression.