Short - Programme 5 (109')

Short Competition

Monday, 30 March 2015, Greek Film Archive, Hours: 20:00-22:00


01. Bertie Bean's Rock / Bab Berci köve, 9’ 25’’

Hungary 2014

Directed by Márton Kovács

Screenplay: Árpád Hermán, Ervin Lázár

Animation: Ervin B. Nagy

Technique: 2D Digital animation

Music: Balázs Alpár

Dialogues: Hungarian

Subtitles: English


Bertie Bean hears a voice only to discover that none other than an otherwise inanimate rock is addressing him. Unusual as it may seem, the two soon become friends. The rock shares its frustrations with Bertie Bean, telling him how it longs to find some useful purpose, and asks its newfound friend to help. 



02. Catched, 7’ 35’’

China / Colombia, 2014

Directed by Ricardo Arce

Screenplay: Ricardo Arce

Animation: Ricardo Arce, Meng Gang

Technique: Drawn animation

Music: Li Bai, Additional music: Gepel, Latché Swing, Jared Balogh

Dialogues: Chinese

Subtitles: English


It doesn't really matters what Mr. Mao does, he's got only nine lives.



03. Conversations between an iguana and a chameleon / Conversaciones entre una iguana y un camaleón, 5’ 31’’

Colombia 2014

Directed by María Ximena Cortázar Triana

Screenplay: María Ximena Cortázar Triana

Animation: María Ximena Cortázar Triana

Technique: Traditional animation, Cut-out animation

Music: Juan David Villacrez Meza, Andrés Mira Olarte

Dialogues: None


An Iguana and a Chameleon are at a coffee place. Both characters send bizarre messages to each other, and that's how the peculiar understanding between them is evident.



04. Faded Finery / Oripeaux, 10’ 08’’

France / Belgium 2013

Directed by Sonia Gerbeaud, Mathias de Panafieu

Screenplay: Sonia Gerbeaud, Mathias de Panafieu

Animation: Sonia Gerbeaud, Mathias de Panafieu

Technique: Ink on paper animation

Music: Nathanael Bergese

Dialogues: None


In a remote village, a little girl befriends a pack of coyotes. But the villagers brutally put an end to this relationship, unaware of the revolution that waits.



05. Guida, 11’ 30’’

Brazil 2014

Directed by Rosana Urbes

Screenplay: Rosana Urbes

Animation: Rosana Urbes

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Ruben Feffer, Gustavo Kurlat

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


Guida, a sweet lady who has been working as an archivist at a Courthouse for 30 years, has her routine changed when she sees a newspaper ad about life drawing classes in a cultural center of the city. Through the main character's creative sensibility, the short film offers a reflection about the artistic inspiration recovery process, art as a transformation agent and the concept of beauty.



06. Jasmin / Yasmeen, 6’ 35’’

Syria 2013

Directed by Hussam Wahab

Screenplay: Hussam Wahab

Animation: Abd el Raheem Alloosh, Yamaan Edelby, Delor Sulaymaan, Hasan Abu Zaid, Samer Dawood

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Sameer Kusaibaty

Dialogues: None


In a city consumed by fire and damned to destruction, a man seeks to dissociate himself from the clashing masses, but, instead, falls victim to the devastation that has scourged all; only to find out that the jasmine flower alone, with all its charm, can rebuild all that has been destroyed and bring to life what the fire has ravaged.



07. Light River, 5’ 40’’

China 2014

Directed by Liu Sha

Screenplay: Liu Sha

Animation: Liu Sha

Technique: 3D Animation

Music: Zhai Xiaofei

Dialogues: None


"Light River" talks about a garbage man who lives by the river, one day he picks up a river lamp, and encountered a series of bizarre events in the process of looking for the person who losses this lamp.



08. Metaphor, 4’ 03’’

Syria 2014

Directed by Wael Toubaji

Screenplay: Wael Toubaji

Animation: Diala Brisly, Abdo Haj Kasem, Wael Toubaji


Music: Karam Ayzouq, Wael Toubaji

Dialogues: No Dialogue


Within the contrast between beautiful details and war surrounding, the main character keeps on collecting Jasmine flowers enjoying the beautiful details left in her home.



09. Penguins: The Magic Hat, 9’ 59’’

USA 2015

Directed by Jarrod Moschner


Animation: Jarrod Moschner




After a wizard loses his magic hat in a duel, the hat is discovered by a group of little blue penguins. The inquisitive little penguins accidentally cause the hat to take them on an adventure through time and space.



10. Queen Tush / Königin Po, 11’’

Switzerland 2015

Directed by Maja Gehrig

Screenplay: Maja Gehrig, Pamela Dürr

Animation: Maja Gehrig, Stefan Holaus

Music: Kaspar König

Dialogues: Swiss German

Subtitles: English


Queen Tush is a bedtime story invented on the spot by a father and daughter. Teeter-Totter-Town is Queendom right up in the sky. The subjects Triangle and Fourangle are suffering from up and downs and would like to get rid of their Queen.



11. Sisyphos, 1’ 30’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Florian Grolig


Animation: Florian Grolig

Technique: 3D Computer animation



The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.



12. Terminus, 15’ 37’’

Pakistan 2015

Directed by Talha Muftee

Screenplay: Talha Muftee, Risham Waqar

Animation: Talha Muftee

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Talha Muftee

Dialogues: None


The limits of space, of what we can achieve are only what we decide for our imagination and ourselves. Terminus follows the story of a lone stranded space explorer trying to find and rescue his fellow explorer, but something much grander or sinister might be at play.



13. Settling, 8’ 16’’

France / UK 2014

Directed by Emma McCann

Screenplay: Emma McCann

Animation: Emma McCann

Technique: Stop-motion animation

Music: Rosanna Cecchini

Dialogues: None


Bruce the gritter unwittingly makes an enemy as he carries out his job, clearing the roads of snow.



14. Ghosts World, 4’ 50’’

France / Japan 2014

Directed by Jerome Boulbes

Screenplay: Jerome Boulbes

Animation: Jerome Boulbes

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: O’death Jug (Michel Henritzi, Christophe Langlade)