Short - Programme 2 (110')

Short Competition

Friday, 27 March 2015, Greek Film Archive, Hours: 20:00-22:00


01. A stranger among icebergs / Chuzhoy sredi aisbergov, 13’ 25’’

Russia 2014

Directed by Andrey Sokolov

Screenplay: Andrey sokolov

Animation: Manuk Depoyan

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Staratelli

Dialogues: None


The story of a rooster who grew up among penguins and of love for one's family and the motherland.



02. Breathe, 3’ 50’’

Ireland 2014

Directed by David Begley

Screenplay: David Begley

Animation: David Begley

Technique: David Begley

Music: David Begley

Dialogues: None


From the chaos of a violent storm a young woman takes shelter in a cave and finds herself enchanted by a series of apparitions. As each one appears she breathes them away until finally her last breath carries her to a land of light.



03. Carrotrope, 8’

Portugal 2013

Directed by Paulo D Alva

Screenplay: Paulo D Alva

Animation: Paulo D Alva; David Doutel

Technique: 2D, draw on paper; crayon; chinese ink.

Music: André Natanael, Pedro Pestana

Dialogues: None


"Carrotrope is a new optical toy. It represents the cyclic movements of life. Meanwhile, a man drinks and the time passes at 24 frames per second."



04. Hippos / Hipopotamy, 12’ 29’’

Poland 2014

Directed by Piotr Dumala

Screenplay: Piotr Dumala

Animation: Pawel Debski, Piotr Dumala

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Alexander Balanescu

Dialogues: None


A few naked women and children are bathing in a river. They are being secretly observed by a group of men, who, at one point decide to approach them, in a violent manner, as if inspired by the behaviour of hippopotamuses.



05. Malania / Маланья, 16’ 23’’

Russia 2014

Directed by Igor Pisarenko

Screenplay: Aleksei Sashin



Music: Aleksei Artishevsky

Dialogues: Russian

Subtitles: English


Only Malania, naive, kind and selfless woman, can defeat the Death coming to the village.



06. Mute, 4' 22"

Netherlands 2013

Directed by Job, Joris & Marieke

Screenplay: Job, Joris & Marieke

Animation: Job, Joris & Marieke

Technique: CGI animation

Music: Happy Camper

Dialogues: None


In a world populated by people without a mouth, a gory accident leads to the discovery a mouth can be created by cutting yourself. This unleashes an enthusiastic chain reaction among the population!



07. Puiip!, 1’ 55’’

Argentina 2013

Directed by Leandro Martinez

Animation: Leandro Martinez

Technique: Digital 2D

Music: Leandro Martinez



A little short animation about a group of colorful creatures and a their journey to make an offering.



08. Sinners / Les Pécheresses, 16’

Beligum 2014

Directed by Gerlando Infuso

Screenplay: Gerlando Infuso

Animation: Gerlando Infuso

Technique: Gerlando Infuso

Music: Philippe Tasquin

Dialogues: None


Three stories about three women at three different epochs who suffer. Following an unfortunate gesture, they reap the wrath of a male figure.



09. The Vast Landscape - porcelain stories, 11’

Croatia 2014

Directed by Lea Vidakovic

Screenplay: Lea Vidakovic

Animation: Marion le Guillou and Lea Vidakovic

Technique: puppet animation

Music: Yoerik Roevens

Dialogues: None


A fox hunter and a porcelain shopkeeper lady, the scientist brothers, a seal, a boy and a music box. Six characters in their rooms filled with traces of longing, separated by a vast and bleak landscape. Four stories on love, contemplation and (self) destruction.



10. Three Kings / Trzej Krolowie, 8’ 09’’

Poland 2014

Directed by Anna Blaszczyk

Screenplay: Anna Blaszczyk

Animation: Anna Blaszczyk, Agata Droga-Bazan, Tomasz Lesniak

Technique: collage (painting, cut-outs)

Music: Jan Duszynski

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


An animated short film based on a pastoral from “Pastorals and Carols with melodies”, published in Cracow in 1843. Three Kings: naive Gaspar, shy Melchior and nervous Balthasar embark on a journey following the light of the Star… The film refers to a biblical parable but it’s free of pathos – first of all it’s a tale about the adventures of the three men.



11. YEW “Between Up and Down”, 4’ 10’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Frédéric Hainaut, Simon Medard



Technique: Drawing animation

Music: YEW Featuring Arno

Dialogues: Lyrics


Black and white atmosphere of the 30’s. A man is standing in front of a burning house before jumping into his car to run away.



12. Mimma, 12’ 40’’

France 2014

Directed by Calvin Antoine Blandin

Screenplay: Calvin Antoine Blandin

Animation: Calvin Antoine Blandin

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Denis Vautrin

Dialogues: None


After a tragic event, a child takes refuge in an alternative reality, where his mother is still present.