Greek Competition

Greek Film Archive: Wednesday, 1 April 2015, Hours: 20:00-22:00


01. 16-32, 4’ 49’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Natassa Kirla

Screenplay: Natassa Kirla

Animation: Natassa Kirla

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Dialogues: None


The balance between the real and the imaginary. The structures and the fundamental principles of modern societies. The female idiosyngrasy.



02. 11, 3’ 30’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Lenna Stamatopoulou

Screenplay: Lenna Stamatopoulou

Animation: Lenna Stamatopoulou

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Metronomy - Love Letters

Dialogues: None


Α little girl, who refuses to adapt to a corrupt and sick society manages to create her own world, in order to set herself free.



03. ALOSIS, 2’ 45’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Georgios Cherouvim

Screenplay: Georgios Cherouvim

Technique: 3D Animation

Music: Leonard J. Paul

Dialogues: None


Alosis is a comment on the relationship of man and his natural environment. We observe the ‘monomorphous’ man living everyday, mundane moments in the most remote locations, ignoring the consequences of his daily routine in the world around him. Isolated from his own nature and confined in a digitized world, he transcends into a hyper-reality, challenging his own existence.



04. SAFE PLACE, 2'

Greece 2014

Directed by Angelos Roditakis

Screenplay: Angelos Roditakis

Animation: Angelos Roditakis

Technique: 23 Computer

Animation Music: Mikel Shane Prather

Dialogues: None


A boy play with his toys.



05. IN THE DUNGEONS ep.5 – SKF, 2’ 32’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Vaggelis Karadimas

Screenplay: Vaggelis Karadimas

Animation: Vaggelis Karadimas

Technique: 2D Animation, CG Animation


Dialogues: None


A satire about the political exploitation of the excavation in Amphipolis tomb.



06. LONELY BALL, 54’’

Greece 2014

Directed by George Varanos

Animation: George Varanos, Nishant Kandwal

Technique: 3D Animation

Music: James Arthur - Impossible / One Republic - Counting Stars

Dialogues: English


In this short clip made from Varsin Animation Studios, you can watch a cute story from a basket ball which just want to be played...



07. LOVE SPELL, 3’ 53’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Pinelopi Kokkali

Screenplay: Pinelopi Kokkali

Animation: Pinelopi Kokkali

Technique: Flash Animation

Music: Dimitris Benakis

Dialogues: None


This animation is the video clip of Dimitris Benakis music piece “Love Spell” (Έχω μια κοπέλα").



08. PAPER AND CRAYONS, 4’ 26’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Pinelopi Kokkali

Screenplay: Pinelopi Kokkali

Animation: Pinelopi Kokkali

Technique: Flash Animation

Music: Dimitris Samolis



This animation is the video clip of Dimitris Samolis music piece “Paper and Crayons”.



09. SEED, 8’

Greece 2013

Directed by Margarita Simopoulou

Screenplay: Margarita Simopoulou

Animation: Margarita Simopoulou

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Aggelos Giannelos

Dialogues: None


How far is dream and hope from reality? Seed is a little dragon. He experiences friendship, love and loss in the planet where he leaves alone. A movie that can make you dream and hope again!



10. SPIRIDOULA, 4’ 23’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Anastasios Visvardis

Screenplay: Anastasios Visvardis

Animation: Anastasios Visvardis

Technique: Puppet animation

Music: Nick Stathopoulos D

Dialogues: Greek

Subtitles: English


What is the secret of Spiridoula?




Greece 2014

Directed by Lefteris Anastasovitis

Screenplay: Lefteris Anastasovitis

Animation: Lefteris Anastasovitis

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Editing: Lefteris Anastasovitis (James Horner, Petros Tabouris, Vangelis)

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: Greek, English (embeded)


3D representation of a natural phenomenon, which reportedly occurred in 479 BC in the Thermaikos Gulf of the Aegean Sea. The historical references to the event (Herodotus History, VIII, 126-130) are confirmed by recent geological studies, although the archaeological record remains limited.



12. THE BATTLE OF P, 12' 34''

Greece 2014

Directed by Babis Venetopoulos, Yannis Vogiatzopoulos

Screenplay: Eva Ieropoulou

Animation Team: Minotaur Digital Arts

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music (original) - Sound Design: Konstantinos Apostolopoulos

Scientific Editors: Sophia Aidoni, Eugenia Oikonomidou, Chrysante Simandiraki

Dialogues: Greek


The Battle of the Pi’s is produced by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Education, and Religious Affairs under the Operational Program “Education and Lifelong Learning” of the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA). It is part of an educational framework called “Writing Trails”, which includes richly illustrated booklets, ideas for activities inside and outside the classroom, as well as interactive multimedia games. A museum kit and a virtual exhibition will accompany this material. The letter π (pi) of the alphabetis thrown into existential angst, sensing his position under threat by the English p. Hestirs hisbuddies, θ(theta) and ο(omikron), to join him on a journey of self-discovery, headed toward a televised duel vying for hisplace on the keyboard. An encounter with hisgrandfather on the television stage and a deep knowledge of history are their intended weapons. Things, however, do not go as planned.



13. MY STUFFED GRANNY, 9' 22''

UK / Greece, 2014

Directed by Effie Pappa

Screenplay: Effie Pappa

Animation: Effie Pappa, John Zhongas

Technique: Puppet animation

Music: David Pearce



Little Sofia loves her grumpy granny: even though she is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive. To what extremes will they go to once granny is no more?




Greece / Germany 2014

Direction: Christina Sarli

Screenplay: Christina Sarli

Animation: Christina Sarli

Technique: Cut-out, Rotoscoping, Mixed Media, Paint on Paper

Music: Savvas Karatzias, Moussa Coulibaly, Sotiris Despotis



This film visualises a lucid dream process. The selected “dreamed” facts are presented in a chronological order.



15. SCHEMATA, 4' 36'' UK /

Greece 2014

Direction: Dimitris Simou

Screenplay: Dimitris Simou

Animation: Dimitris Simou

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Cheong Li

Affiliation: University of Westminster

Dialogues: None


An ostrich is born. An elephant is killed. Two stories unravel at the same time and you are the only witness. Can you stay focused when the background and the foreground are equally important? What do you feel when the old seems new?



16. ART IS SCIENCE, 1’ 23’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Nikolaos Manitaris

Screenplay: Nikolaos Manitaris

Animation: Nikolaos Manitaris

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: The Dinosaur Project - Composer: Richard Blair-Oliphant

Dialogues: None


A short film where we see the creation of a skeleton step by step and the transformation into a statue, demonstrating that Art is Science.



17. ICHOGRAPHS, 11’ 35’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Yiannis Kranidiotis

Screenplay: Yiannis Kranidiotis

Technique: CG using cinder lib in C++

Music: Yiannis Kranidiotis

Dialogues: None


Ichographs: Emerging soundscapes from visual forms. Ichographs is an audio and video artwork that uses images as a starting point in order to create various sonic environments. The image is decomposed in the basic colors that have created it. Every color is a sonic frequency. A total 600 sine wave sound generators are recreating the image in the audio domain while we watch the color tessera come off the image and fly into space.



18. A PORTRAIT, 2’ 13’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Aristotelis Maragkos

Screenplay: Aristotelis Maragkos

Animation: Aristotelis Maragkos

Technique: Rotoscoping

Music: -

Dialogues: Greek


A drawing line explores the life and death of my Grandfather. Through a fluid line etching out the shaky outline of the story of his Grandfather’s unconventional life and unexpected death in rural Greece, the artist is also discovering parts of himself and sharing his reflections on their identities.



19. BUTLER’S CHOISE, 4’ 29’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Padelis Paradisis

Screenplay: Padelis Paradisis, Alexandros Angelakis

Animation: Padelis Paradisis

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Rezarta Kruja

Dialogues: None


Two hungry clients are in a restaurant. The meal that is served as well as what follows will exceed their expectations.



20. ALI, THE NAVIGATOR, 6’ 09’’

Greece 2014

Directed by Charalambos Karkaletsis

Screenplay: Charalambos Karkaletsis

Animation: Charalambos Karkaletsis

Technique: 3D Computer animation


Dialogues: None


A modern love story with Giants and Princess.



21. THE RIGHT TIME, 4' 08"

Greece 2014

Directed by Yiannis Liolios

Screenplay: Yiannis Liolios

Animation: Yiannis Liolios

Production Design:Iryna Khroniuk

Audio Post Production: Karel Post

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: D-Devotion vs. Denyse - The Right Time

Dialogues: None


Robynne is traveling in the universe to make her dreams come true!



22. DIARRHEA 9' 19''

Greece 2014

Directed by +anima*

Screenplay: +anima*

Technique: Stop-Motion animation

Music: Giorgos Pogiatzis

Dialogues: None

*+anima are: Antonis Athanasakis, Margarita Anastasiadi, Efstratia Vasiliadou, Vaggelis Vlisidis, Maria Galani, Niki Giakoumaki, Helen Papadaki, Theodore Parashou, Helen Filiou, Nikoleta Xatzikonstadinou and the tutor Marios Ioannidis

A busker flute, decides to go to a concert audition. But he has one big problem. When he go anxious, he has to go to the bathroom...



23. MIRROR, 4’ 29’’
Greece 2015
Directed: Efstathios Michailidis
Screenplay: Εfstathios Michailidis
Animation: Εfstathios Michailidis
Technique: 2D Animation
Music: Sofia Natsiou
Lyrics: Lizeta Kalimeri


Somewhere inside the city, a man and a woman seem to take their mirror reflection to be their own true identities. What will happen when these two meet? Are they going to be together having their self-created "faces" on?



24. ANIMA PERIPLANOSA (part) vII, 6’ 12’’

Greece 2011

Directed by Gabriella Gerolemou

Screenplay: Gabriella Gerolemou

Animation: Gabriella Gerolemou

Technique: Mixed


Dialogues: None

Subtitle: None


A nonexistent soul starts functioning, through the wandering within and outside one’s self, within and outside reality.