Experimental - Programme 3 (74')



France 2014

Directed by Momoko Seto

Screenplay: Momoko Sete

Director of Photography: Momoko Sete, Julien Duillery

Sound Design: Yann Leguary

Music: Yann Leguay

Dialogue: None


The universe in all its infinitude. On planet Sigma, enormous creatures are trapped inside the ice. And then, all of a sudden explosions erupt from subterranean volcanoes. The ice begins to melt; a global warming concludes the giants’ deep slumber and new life begins. The creatures crawl forth, out of the ice. With the aid of slow motion, Seto fictionalises the unfolding of events. Liberated from time and space, she draws ever closer to the proceedings, in extreme close-ups. PLANET ∑ is the third part of her planet series.



02. POWERPLANT, 2’ 28’’

Hungary 2015

Directed by George Ligeti

Screenplay: George Ligeti

Animation: George Ligeti

Technique: Black-and-white ink, 2D, 3D computer animation

Music: Littner


What is the connection among a nuclear powerplant and a black glove? This animation gives a special philosohphical answer to this question.



03. SELF, 4’ 18’’

China 2014

Direction by Xu Yujie

Animation: Xu Yujie,Chen Hongyi,Yu Siqi

Technique: Hand drawn, 2D, 3D Computer animation, Live action

Music: Xu Yujie

Affiliation: Xu Yujie

Subtitles: English


To do this  experimental short film is to reflect a fact that more and more lost themselves,but them always think they are finding the truth.Finally we will figure out that everything will come back to nothing.



04. SEXPOL, 11’ 30’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Jörg Weidner

Screenplay: Jörg Weidner

Animation: Jörg Weidner

Technique: puppet stopmotion

Music: Jörg Weidner

Affiliation: sublunare welt

Dialogues: None


SexPol was an anti authoritarian movement for the liberation from repressive sexual morals lead by the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich who published the „Magazine for Political Psychology and Sexual Economy“. This is the account of his enlightenment.



05. SHHH…, 2’ 20’’

UK 2014

Directed by Alice Bouttell

Screenplay: Helen Jaeger

Animation: Alice Bouttell

Technique: Stop-motion, salt on a multiplane

Affiliation: Alice Bouttell

Dialogues: French

Subtitles: English


Shhh... was a project, focusing on coastal erosion and the destructive/healing nature of the sea. It is based on collaboration between sisters Alice Bouttell and Helen Jaeger, who wrote a poem from the viewpoint of the sea as a charming and sometimes aggressive lover to the land. It considers the irrepressible characteristics of the sea and relates them in the context of seduction. The poem was translated into French and read by actor Chris Rose. The translation reflects the tone of the original text and contributes a seductive sonic element.



06. STRAZZED, 2’ 18’’

The Netherlands 2014

Direction by Jeroen ter Welle

Screenplay: J. ter Welle

Animation: J .ter Welle.

Technique: 2D Computer animtation

Music: Gepel

Affiliation: Jeroen ter Welle

Dialogues: NONE


An (abstract) improvisation of stripes and lines on improvised music.




Sweden 2015

Directed by Thomas Rogerstam

Screenplay: Thomas Rogerstam

Animation: Thomas Rogerstam

Technique: Stop-motion




The death is not the end, it’s the Afterlife. We get to meet some skeletons in the life thereafter. More funny than scary. Originally made for publishing on Instagram.



08. THE TIME TUNNEL, 5’ 25’’

Switzerland 2014

Directed by Dirk Koy

Animation: Dirk Koy

Music: Boris Blank (Yello)



A crazy road-movie that seems to melt down into an abstract painting. In the first part Dirk Koy straps a camera onto a carwheel and rides off – from 0 to 140 km/h, to the driving sounds of Boris Blank (Yello). A perfect symbiosis of shot images and their abstraction. In the second part Koy mashed up images of over 250 car wheels into a single, whirling, kaleidescopic animation.



09. VIRTUOSO VIRTUAL / Virtuos Virtuell, 7’ 22’’

Germany 2013

Directed by Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann

Screenplay: -

Animation: Maja Oschmann, Thomas Stellmach

Technique: 2D Computer, ink on paper, on glass, in water

Music: Louis Spohr (1784 - 1859)

Dialogues: None


Synchronizing to the music, abstract ink drawings ‘grow’ in an interplay of curiosity, encounters, pursuits and confrontation. They stimulate many emotions, which carry us off on a poetical journey to a musical world of pictures.



10. VARIATIONS / Wariacje, 3’ 20’’

Poland 2014

Direction by Piotr Żołądź

Screenplay: Piotr Żołądź





A synthesis of abstraction bodies.



11. TRANSITION, 1’ 36’’

Spain 2014

Direction by Marcos Andavert

Screenplay: Marcos Andavert

Animation: Marcos Andavert


Music: Marcos Andavert

Dialogues: None


Emotional transition seen from within oneself




USA 2014

Directed by Peter Hriso

Animation: Peter Hriso

Technique: Computer Animation

Music: Otavio Jr.


Friday Night is an experiment with sound and motion. There are no messages or hidden agendas, other than to reveal the discoveries made during my investigations.  There is, of course, the seed of an idea or a bit of a plan when I begin, but I am quickly directed by the work, answering the needs, sorting the puzzles and discovering solutions through the aid of technology.



13. DVA – NO SURVI, 2’ 48’’

Slovakia 2014

Directed by Andrej Kolencik, Peter Skala

Screenplay: Andrej Kolencik

Animation: Andrej Kolencik, Peter Skala

Technique: 2D, 3D Computer animation

Music: DVA

Dialogues: None


When souls which have forgot frivolity in lowliness, noting the fatal flight of worlds whereto this earth’s a hurled dream



14. EN HENG, 1’ 25’’

China 2014

Directed by Wang Yu-Zi

Screenplay: Wang Yu-Zi, Mao Ze-yang

Animation: Zhang Hong-song, Li Bin-Jie, Wang Yu-Zi

Technique: Stop-motion, Pixilation

Music: Wang Yu-Zi

Dialogues: None


A no singer starred, no lyric songs, no instruments available experimental music MV.




Spain / Canada 2014

Directed by Antonio Busto, Blanca Font

Screenplay: Rabano Studio

Animation: Rabano studio

Technique: Animation, Live action, Hybrid, Experimental

Music: Danny Majer and Se


Bad girls, a magical girl in a sink, scary teddy bears and a lot of the slime. This music video is an extension of the project:




France 2014

Direction by Bhopal

Screenplay: Bhopal

Animation: Bhopal

Technique: painting

Music: Sejalyé

Dialogues: None


The green continent is badly injured by Man. It endures iron and fire. The wound heals, but the infection is already here.



17. GEOMETRY STUDY / Etiuda Geometryczna, 3’ 06’’

Poland 2013

Direction by Piotr Żoładź

Screenplay: Piotr Żoładź

Animation: Piotr Żoładź

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Piotr Żoładź

Affiliation: Piotr Żoładź

Dialogues: None


A synthesis of abstract bodies.



18. HALS / Ἅλς, 9’ 24’’ 

Italy 2014 

Directed by Alessando Ingaria 

co-Director: Simona Chiapparo 

Screenplay: Alessandro Ingaria, Simona Chiapparo, Nicola Duberti 

Director of Photography: Alessandro Ingaria 

Editing: Marco Lo Baido 

Sound Design: Marco Lo Baido 

Music: Marco Lo Baido 

Dialogues: (narration) Jean de Dieu 


“Ἅλϛ” (“hals”) aims to tell the extreme suffering of immigrants died in the Mediterranean sea. The hypertonic drowning syndrome causes a very violent death through osmotic mechanisms, like those destroy the small organisms in the video. A metaphoric representation of biochemical and physiological events of drowning, conceived as an artistic ode to contemporary human drama. The ancient greek word ἅλϛ (“hals”) means salt, which contains sodium, one of the principal elements for the life. But sea salt produces brutal death of million migrant people in Mediterranean. Indeed, the word ἅλϛ is etimologically linked to “hospitality” and also to “salary” that is a factor of ancient economy, as well as the death boundaries for the economy in western societies.