Experimental - Programme 2 (80')


01. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 6’ 18’’

South Korea 2014

Directed by Bumphy Lee, Eunwoo Park

Screenplay: Bumphy Lee

Animation: Bumphy Lee, Eunwoo Park

Technique: Puppet, 2D Animation


Affiliation: Hongik University


A demented comes to a tired guy’s house and tries to steal his spirit, but the demented is too stupid to succeed.




02. HAUNTED TRANSIT /  Haunted Transit, 8’

Germany 2015

Directed by Jörn Staeger

Screenplay: Jörn Staeger

Animation: Ulf and Jörn Staeger

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: Jörn Staeger

Dialogues: None


Aboard an old sailing ship the viewer experiences a stormy change from illusion, nightmare and nonsense. While the steering wheel of mind hand turns, the 5-headed ship team in puzzling way operates. Bit by bit, nevertheless, the ship boy comes out as the magician of the whole.




03. I AS THE OTHER / Je est un autre, 14’ 31’’

Taiwan 2013

Directed by Chang Po Yang

Screenplay: Chang Po Yang

Technique: Wang Hsi An

Music: Wu Shiou Ming

Affiliation: Chang Po Yang

Dialogues: Chinese

Subtitles: English


Waking up is a jump, a skydive from the dream.





Portugal 2014

Directed by Sandra Araújo

Screenplay: Sandra Araújo

Technique: 2D, Gif files, Video game sprites

Music: Stealing Orchestra, Rafael Dionísio



Music video…



05. I PLAY YOU PLAY WE PLAY, 3’ 10’’

China 2014

Direction by Mi Chai

Screenplay: Mi Chai

Animation: Mi Chai

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: Zhang Xuan

Affiliation: Mi Chai

Dialogues: None


As a stop-motion animation, the film records the process of creation, which is played like a game. The wood blocks of basic geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares transform and combine with each other to form images, living creatures, man-made objects, landscapes and events. The director was inspired by the game process of toy blocks and jigsaw, which later triggered the start of this project.





USA 2015

Direction by Joon Sung

Animation: Joon Sung

Technique: Computer

Music: Dylan Tinlun Chan

Dialogues: None


This piece was derived from the idea of extending the painting, used exclusively basic visual elements such as circles, to explore how those forms in motion can evoke certain emotional reactions that non-durative still images may not capture. The circular forms that I used here are the result of the distinct leaning toward the nature of purified art.




07. IT NEEDS TO EAT, 2’ 08’’

USA 2014

Directed by Lauren Flinner

Screenplay: Lauren Flinner

Animation: Lauren Flinner

Technique: 2D, Puppet Stop-motion




It Needs To Eat is a visual poem, a surreal confession where one woman justifies her use of destruction to create something beautiful.




08. JOB INTERVIEW, 3’ 35’’

Hungary 2014

Directed by Dénes Ruzsa, Fruzsina Spitzer

Screenplay: Dénes Ruzsa

Animation: Fruzsina Spitzer

Dialogues: English


In this rushing world personality disappeared. In the near future robots will ask the 50 common job interview questions. How do the robots detect humans applying for the job advertisement?




09. LIGHT MOTIF, 4' 15''

France / UK 2014

Directed by Frédéric Bonpapa

Animation: Olivier Barré, Barthélémy Boirot, Frédéric Bonpapa, Mathilde Fabry, Romain Pamart, Eric Prebende, Jon Uriarte

Technique: 3D Computer graphics

Music: Steve Reich (used by permission of Boosey & Hawkes UK Ltd.)

Affiliation: Frédéric Bonpapa

Dialogues: None


An exploration on the possibilities of synergy, between image and music in the cinematic tradition of Oskar fishfinger and visual music animation.




10. LIODOSTRI, 4’ 03’’

Austria 2014

Directed by Florentin Scheicher, Dominik Leski

Technique: Oil Animation

Music: Long Arm

Dialogues: None


The animation combines real oil paintings with music and a three-dimensional animations technique. We worked together with the Russian artist “Long Arm” who offered us his brilliant music for this animation.





USA 2014

Direction by Isabel Layton

Animation: Isabel Layton

Technique: Paint on Glass

Affiliation: Isabel Layton

Dialogues: (Narration) Ryan Kent


An abstract animation choreographed to the poetry and voice of Ryan Kent. The work pulls the viewer into a darkness centered on the death of L'Wren Scott.




12. MIGRATION, 6’ 11’’

Canada 2014

Direction by Fluorescent Hill

Screenplay: Fluorescent Hill

Animation: Fluorescent Hill

Technique: CG animation Super 8mm

Music: McKenzie Stubbert

Dialogues: None


A vintage nature film explores the migratory pattern of a herd of wild creatures.




13. MTL RUSH, 2’ 26’’

Canada 2014

Direction by Mathieu Guimond

Animation: Mathieu Guimond

Technique: Sratch and paint on 35mm

Music: The Seatbelts

Dialogues: None


An experimental essay on colors and movement, scratched and painted on 35mm during the winter of 2014




14. ODE TO LINES, 7’ 50’’

USA 2015

Direction by Joon Sung

Animation: Joon Sung

Technique: Computer

Music: Monti Medley

Dialogues: None


This piece was derived from the idea of extending the minimalist painting, to explore how those forms in motion can evoke certain emotional reactions differently from non-durative still images. The linear forms used here are the result of a distinct leaning toward the nature of purified art in which essential aesthetic value is the foremost concern.



15. Intrusion, 10’

Germany 2012

Direction: Natalie Plaskura

Screenplay: Natalie Plaskura

Director of Photography: Natalie Plaskura

Editing: Natalie Plaskura

Music: Daniel Schlichter

Cast: Blake Lumen, Sonja Zech, Anja Hartmann, Katarina Stricevic, Inga Geiser, Leon Kudjerski, Natalie Kreuter, André Ebert, Katja „Wurst“ Pohl, Anna Funke, Nadja Usova, Frederike Wetzels, Re Werner, Noddy Werner, Lina Finke.


The short film INTRUSION does not tell a classical story. The main focus lies on the visual design, which has the intention to convey a mood. The motives and the associative dramatic composition are reminding of dream sequences, nightmares or hallucinations in which the uncanny and the curious are staged; Unrealistic, seemingly disparate, yet interrelated scenes that poke, like an intrusive recurring traumatic experience, into the mind of the powerless spectator.