Short 6

Friday 18/03/2022 20:00 - 22:00 - Athens Animfest 2022 Official Screening
Saturday 19/03/2022 08:00 - 10:00 - Athens Animfest 2022 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:49:57

  1. People and the Moon 04:45
  2. Iran 2021
    Directed by: Yunus Kafashian
  3. Step into the River 14:53
  4. France - China 2021
    Directed by: Weijia Ma
    Screenplay: Weijia Ma
    Animation: Joseph Roth, Jihua Zhu, Mengshi Fang, Marion Chopin, Mathilde Poigniez, Thilbault Dumoulin, Kun Yu, Ziteng Qi, Juanjuan Chen, Samuel Boulitreau, Elsa Parent, Louise Petit
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Pablo Pico
    Production/School: Les Valseurs & Vilarejo Filmes

    Lu and Wei live in a village in rural China. They often go to the nearby river to play with their fathers. The river has a special meaning for them because China's one-child policy has led to some parents drowning their newborns there.

  5. Planets in the News 03:57
  6. USA 2021
    Directed by: John Akre
    Dialogue language: English

    I have been discovering planets in the news in this stop motion movie created with newspapers and rubber stamps.

  7. Us / Nós 05:00
  8. Portugal 2021
    Directed by: Nelson Fernandes
    Screenplay: Nelson Fernandes
    Animation: Nelson Fernandes
    Technique: Stop Motion
    Music: Nelson Fernandes and Filipe Santareno
    Production/School: Nelson Fernandes, Daniel Pereira
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    "Us" is a short film of animation which mixes several Stop Motion techniques, proposing a journey through the conflicted human condition. War, loneliness, nature, crossings, fallen dreams are some of the recurring aspects in this animated poem on paper.
  9. Tiny Little Miracle 03:00
  10. Israel 2021
    Directed by: Shai Getzoff
    Dialogue language: English

    Going through infertility is one of the hardest journeys a person can go through. Sharing the emotions and feelings involved especially not easy. Knowing that I manage to express myself best through film making, my wife encouraged me to create this short film. It’s a film about the pain and the hope. About opening up and realizing that we’re not alone. I hope this helps those who identify with the feelings and provides a little awareness into infertility and IVF.

  11. NOMINO SUKUNE / 野見宿禰 01:45
  12. Japan 2021
    Directed by: Ryotaro Miyajima
    Animation: Ryotaro Miyajima
    Technique: Ink on paper
    Music: Shoichi Yabuta
    Production/School: Kosuke Hatamoto
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    In ancient legend, "NOMINO SUKUNE" was the creator of Japanese Sumo wrestling. He also aborted the live human sacrifices in the tombs of the emperor and made terra-cotta clay sculptures instead.

  13. Your Love 03:09
  14. Canada 2021
    Directed by: Tianyou Tian
    Screenplay: Tianyou Tian
    Animation: Tianyou Tian
    Technique: Tianyou Tian
    Music: Tianyou Tian
    Production/School: Tianyou Tian
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    Your Love is an original music video written, recorded,produced, performed and directed by Tianyou Tian. " Your Love" was made in memorial of one of Tianyou's childhood friend, who passed away because of Covid. It was a dark and hard time in Tianyou's life. However instead of burying himself in the deep darkness, Tianyou felt that he need to write a song to celebrates all the beautiful and memorable moments in his friend's life and to uplift all the people who are going through the pandemic and felt the deep darkness have sometimes controlled their lives. Tianyou want to encourage everyone to always see their inner light and the hope in life. Instead of writing a heartbreaking song, Tianyou want Your Love to be an uplifting song filled with hope, love and strength. "I believe in a truly bright future, and I wish everyone to rise up like phenix from the darkness and be proud of their own light and uniqueness." Tianyou said as he wrote the lyrics. Lyrics: Close my eyes and feel your breath I can feel your heart with me I know the world is falling But I never knew you will leave like that We will never be apart Holding your hands I feel our strength Feeling your love run through my vein Your will never leave my heart Your love Make me feel that I am truly free Like a bird flying across the sea We can take the galaxy express Till we reach the stars and the Milky Way Awaken from the world of chains I want to heal your broken vein I know that we will be truly free Losing my voice in the world of chains I will fight until the world is free My tear is falling from the pain They will see us Rise up from the ashes and the pain Like a phoenix flying through the flame I wasn’t happy Can you see me Can you feel me
  15. NAUGHTY 14:15
  16. France 2021
    Directed by: Flora Molinié, Emma Degoutte
    Screenplay: Emma Degoutte
    Animation: Flora Molinié
    Technique: Painting and Rotoscopy
    Music: Rémi Alexandre
    Production/School: Marc-Benoît Créancier
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    When only 10 years old, Lulu wants to be the one to slaughter the family pig. But the same day, Vincent, her mother's new boyfriend, settles in the farm, welcomed by Lulu's entourage. The newcomer is entrusted with the slaughtering of the animal. Then, while being cut, a dormant fight breaks out between the two men. Lulu does not want to give in.
  17. Little Ox 10:33
  18. Belgium 2021
    Directed by: Raf Wathion, Patrick Vandebroeck
    Screenplay: Raf Wathion, Patrick Vandebroeck
    Animation: Miguel A. Fuertes, Juliette Perrey, Wim Bien, Simon Cornelis, Fabio de Proft
    Technique: 2D/3D computer animation
    Music: Michel Banabila
    Production/School: Christophe Baggermans, Filip Vangeffelen, Marc Thelosen, Koert Davidse
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: none

    A young muskox migrates with a small herd through the cold barren tundra. For the hungry young ox the rules of conduct are difficult to fathom. His mother does her best to take care of him. During their journey the herd gets attacked by a pack of wolves, who are after Little Ox.
  19. Autumn 04:25
  20. Netherlands 2021
    Directed by: Pim Christian de Vries
    Screenplay: Pim Christian de Vries
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Autumn brings the wind that carries a falling, withered leaf through the memories of a woman’s youth and her relationship with a once young man. But spring brings new light and life to withered leaves and lives.

  21. U-Trip 05:50
  22. Germany 2021
    Directed by: Maria Naidyonova
    Screenplay: Maria Naidyonova
    Production/School: Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen

    The animated film U-Trip is the story of a day in the life of Berlin’s metro system, the U-Bahn. Train cars and stations become the meeting point of a vast array of characters drawn from the rich and tattered fabric of 21st century Berlin. The story starts at 4:00 a.m. as the U-Bahn opens, with only a cleaning person and homeless woman on the otherwise deserted platform. A ticking clock builds the accelerating rhythm of the film as passengers begin filling the station, each in a hurry to fulfill their morning’s destiny, all under the watchful eye of the video surveillance camera, which is always present, but cannot intervene. The characters interact, inadvertently or purposefully, changing each other as they go, while the U-Bahn rumbles and trundles along, carrying with it moments of subterranean solitude and isolation from the streets above. The U-Bahn, the underground train, is its own world. The film’s title, U-Trip, has layers of meaning. “U” points not only at “underground” in the sense of subway or metro, but also stands for “underground culture”, a counterpart to the mainstream. The word “trip" alludes to a journey into the subconscious, into the world of hallucinations, fantasies, surrealism and hyperbolization of reality of Berlin’s drug-fueled nightlife, which often extends well into the next day. But even in the harsh light of day, the U-Bahn, the underground train, sings its own songs.
  23. Dog's Field 11:48
  24. Poland 2020
    Directed by: Michalina Musialik
    Screenplay: Michalina Musialik
    Animation: Michalina Musialik
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Anna Lis, Mateusz Woś, Paris Music
    Production/School: Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: none

    Animals closed in a flat with a decomposing corpse of their owner try to survive. In this difficult situation one of the dogs finds out that love for its owner is stronger than animal instinct

  25. Rootless 26:37
  26. USA 2021
    Directed by: Lucie Pottecher
    Screenplay: Maria Agapi
    Music: Juan Rancich
    Production/School: Maria Agapi
    Dialogue language: English

    A true story of a foreign girl who left everything behind and moved from Greece, Europe to New York by herself, trying to pursue her dream as an Actress ang get a better life. Soon she realizes that life here is not as easy as in the movies, especially being here alone.


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