China 2016
Duration: 00:11:00
Directed by: zhang wenrong

The Extreme Nightmare – My idiotic nonsense The ever-changing delusion of the city landscape; the surrealistic mundane surroundings has puzzled us. The Internet has successfully changed us. Daily life keeps us under great tension, and leaves us very little time to think and to experience. Therefore, people are easily lost in the ultimate anxiety and fickleness; lively, but superficial. Jan Avankmajer said, “ I believe every artist has two kinds of motivation, one comes from childhood memory, the other is dream. Because these are the most significant life experience.” I am not sure whether those are the most significant life experience. But what he said is appropriate to me. Dream is surely the most accurate metaphor for an artwork. It is the reflection of your life, if you are sensitive and pure enough. You can never control your dream. Even an idiot can dream of an exquisitely splendid world. There is always enough space in a dream, only few minutes may present a huge world. You can travel in time within your dream. It has already been edit for you, that you won’t doubt its authenticity. I admire artist who dare to create the power through an event in an artwork, but the woman rests helplessly in the corner of the work often attracts me. I am touched by her nervous eyes and awkward body. Isn’t the ever-changing city landscape a piece of dreamland? I can rather sense the deep impact beneath its magnificent surface. Animation might be my idiotic nonsense, then just don’t mind about the nonsense talk above. Because we all haven’t wake up yet.


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