Illusionary Homes

Greece 2017
Duration: 00:01:25
Directed by: Marina Provatidou
Screenplay: Marina Provatidou
Animation: Marina Provatidou
Technique: Marina Provatidou
Music: Συλλογή ελεύθερων ήχων / Sound design

The meaning of the residence that gets demolished and restructured within a non-realistic space. A flowing space that gets diarupted and rebuilt.
New varying locations and residencies within information and audio signals, the breathing, the electric shock, the rain, the thunder.
In the picture contradictory terms such as the construction, the demolition and the recon structure.
The residence is an illusionary location which is presented only mentally while in reality the real visualization of the world we dream of feels unreal. A disrupted world with illusionary fields and residencies which comprise of human parts or hybrids which get dissolved and repeated creating a sourealistic point of view as they get absorbed by the black space.


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