The Gap

Belgium 2016
Duration: 00:14:00
Directed by: Patrick Vandebroeck
Screenplay: Patrick Vandebroeck, Raf Wathion
Animation: Sam Verschraegen, Marie-Laure Guisset, Maarten Van Rooy
Technique: 3D
Music: Ted Milton, Sam Britton, Will Worsley
Production/School: Vivi Film, seriousFilm
Dialogue language: No dialogues
Subtitles language: No subtitles

Man, a blocked looking figure, lives alone in a flat monotone rectangular landscape. All Man wants, at all times, is to keep his world flat and clean. On an ordinary day he gets confronted with an intruder, a little playful red ball who likes to bounce and make holes. The inevitable confrontation happens when Man discovers a gigantic deep pit that Ball created. Next to the pit there is a huge mountain of blocks, the architecture of it is impressive. In the fight of destroying Ball and filling the deep pit, Man is blind with anger and hate, which brings him literally into a black hole. When Man thinks he finally got things back in control, he finds himself confronted with an even bigger dilemma.


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