Bloody Sour Grapes, Indeed / Verflucht Saure Trauben, Führwahr

Germany 2015-09-01
Duration: 00:19:13
Directed by: Deveroe Aurel Langston
Screenplay: Deveroe Aurel Langston, Sofia H. Chirico
Production/School: Ingmar Böschen

It’s already been 18 years since David Foster Wallace built his epic novel Infinite Jest around a dystopian society ruled by a constant pressure to achieve and an obsession with efficiency.The film’s title Verflucht saure Trauben, fürwahr is a quote from the german version of the novel: on the search to decipher the meaning of existence, humans are constantly deceived by the appeal of shiny hedonism and plastic entertainment. The perfect illusion of unlimited possibilities for self-fulfilment just within reach is eventually unmasked, and leads only to bitter disappointment. The animation was created with the technique of rotoscoping. More than 23.000 individually drawn images reveal, in the setting of a psychotherapy session, the inner life of a young woman, visually representing, as only animation can, the complex interior network of childhood memories, reflections brought on by the session itself, psychosis and virtuality.


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