End of the Line / Fim da Linha

Portugal 2016
Duration: 00:11:30
Directed by: Paulo d'Alva, Antonio Pinto
Screenplay: Paulo Alva
Animation: André Marques, Alexandra Ramirez, Diana Peixoto, Laura Gonçalves, Paulo D'Alva
Technique: draew on paper
Music: Dead Combo
Production/School: Rodrigo Areias
Dialogue language: no dialogues
Subtitles language: no subtitles

"End of the line" deals with the theme of guilt in different dimensions of the real and the unreal. It begins with an attempt to escape the tracks of the mind that is caught by impressions of an ever-present past. As a final release is the confrontation with the remnants of a memory that persists. This film represents a conflict between humanity, the machine world, the technique, the real world and the imaginary.


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