Germany 2016
Duration: 00:04:30
Directed by: Urte Zintler
Screenplay: Urte Zintler
Animation: Urte Zintler, Katharina Gardemann
Technique: drawn animation, Rotoscopy, Mixed MEdia
Music: Karlheinz Essl
Production/School: Urte Zintler
Dialogue language: German
Subtitles language: English

A woman, a road, the outland The non-narrative animated film is a poetic debate with the issue of "HOME" and the experience of the outland as a new home. A collage of fragments of Hilde Domin´s poems and a concentration and overlay of sketchy drawings and sound elements - always incomplete, always close to disappearance. It describes the search for an inner place of calm - a timeless space of deceleration. "One must be able to part and still be like a tree: the roots remaining in the ground, landscape passing and we are fixed." (Hilde Domin)


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