Sophie Taeuber-Arp's Vanishing Lines


Special Mention

Sophie Taeuber-Arp's Vanishing Lines / Sophie Taeuber-Arps Fluchtlinien 10:10
Germany 2015
Directed by: Myriam Thyes
Screenplay: Myriam Thyes
Animation: Myriam Thyes
Music: Silvia Pachler


No few of the works that Sophie Taeuber-Arp completed 1940-1942 manifest a symbolism of war, persecution and flight. The compositions of lively, curved lines have, in part, something lost, floating, broken, irrational about them, which, in all Taeuber-Arp's earlier works, would have been wholly uncharacteristic. The animation, which combines eight of her works from the 'Lignes' series with photographs from WW2, shows the connection and the discrepancy between Taeuber-Arp's artistic activity and the world of war and persecution. The video thereby highlights a dilemma facing artists to this day, of making art in a time of injustice and violence.



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