Life Sucks! But at least I've got elbows



Life Sucks! But at least I've got elbows 10:00
Estonia 2016
Directed by: Nicola Piovesan
Written by: Nicola Piovesan, Matt Willis-Jones
Production: chaosmonger studios
Sound Design: Dmitry Natalevich
Music: Giacomo Franzoso

Nicola Piovesan, Lootsi tn 3A-39, 10151 Tallinn - Estonia
tel: +372 58397051 / +39 3336162534 mail:


A precocious 9 year old girl pesters her philosophical father about life’s big questions. The dad gives an admirable stab at satisfying her curiosity between his son’s irreverent interjections and traumatic memories of his ex-wife as we are reminded by a bizarre squawking bird: ‘Life Sucks!’.

Nicola Piovesan CV

Nicola Piovesan is born in Venice Lido (VE) on the 1st of April, 1979. In 1999 he moves to Bologna, where he graduates at DAMS Cinema with honours in 2004. He begins shooting short films in the autumn of 2001 and has since been screened in various festivals winning about fifty awards in more than a hundred international film festivals. From 2008 to 2011 he teaches filmmaking in a higher education institute of Como and moves to Milan in 2009. In the autumn of 2011 he moves to Helsinki, Finland, and in the spring of 2013 to Tallinn, Estonia, where he lives up to date working as a freelancer in the field of video and multimedia for clients from all over the world.


Short Filmography

anoir (2007) [indipendent feature film]
Monday, Tuesday and P-DAY (2007) [short film]
Keygenerator (2007) [short film]
The Devil in Kate Moss (2009) [music video]
Val Grande: map for an impossible journey (2009) [documentary]
The Beardless Garibaldi (2010) [short film]
The unbeatable five (2011) [web series]
Lagunemine (2012) [documentary]
Of Your Wounds (2012) [short film]
Target Earth (2013) [music video]
Deus In Machina (2014) [short film]



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