Short 2

Thursday 16/03/2023 11:00 - 13:00 - Athens Animfest 2023 Official Screening
Thursday 16/03/2023 23:00 - 01:00 - Athens Animfest 2023 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:46:59

  1. The Stranger 03:36
  2. Korea 2022
    Directed by: Jihye Jung
    Screenplay: Jihye Jung
    Animation: Jihye Jung
    Technique: 2D computer drawing
    Music: Hyunju Kim
    Production/School: Jung Jihye
    Dialogue language: none
    Subtitles language: none

    "I have a new job today. Or, maybe, yesterday; I can't be sure." In animation, hands are delivered to people every morning. Delivered hands consist of habits, knowledge, and thoughts of each job for people to handle every day. With the help of hands, people can adapt easily to each task.

  3. Piece of Solitude 09:10
  4. Iran 2021
    Directed by: Elaheh Ghomeishi
    Screenplay: Elaheh Ghomeishi
    Technique: Mix Media
    Music: Saeed Jafarnezhad
    Production/School: Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC)
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    “Alone in his house with only his many books and troubling memories, an old man feels compelled to seek out a lost childhood treasure.”

  5. The antiquary / O Antiquário 08:00
  6. Portugal 2022
    Directed by: Manuel Matos Barbosa
    Screenplay: Manuel Matos Barbosa
    Production/School: António Costa Valente
    Dialogue language: Portuguese

    Every town has its collector or antique dealer, a mole who walks around in the ruin of things looking for stories or treasures. Vicente was a stingy old man, sparing with words. In his collection, the pixie of mercy that he admired so much was missing. The despair of not seeing his desire fulfilled drove him to illness. On the town's feast day, the procession visited the sick. Vincent received a visit from the priest, seeing, as if in a prodigy, the prior in great robes, holding the marvelous pyxid in his hands.

  7. Mimi and Lisa - Garden 26:00
  8. Slovakia 2022
    Directed by: Katarína Kerekesová, Ivana Šebestová
    Screenplay: Katarína Kerekesová, Katarína Moláková, Ivana Šebestová
    Production/School: Katarína Kerekesová, Martin Vandas
    Dialogue language: Slovak

    The neighbours enjoy the collective autumn house cleaning. Everyone’s getting rid of the old stuff to make room for the new stuff. Mimi and Lisa chance upon a door to a mysterious garden where a garden gnome lives. This Magic Gardener is explaining to them the wonders of natural cycles, but suddenly the garbage in the container takes the form of a rattling Monster. It jumps and destroys the garden. The Magic Gardener tries to stop it, but the Monster swallows him too. The girls must save him and the garden.

  9. Cockroaches 09:40
  10. Norway 2022
    Directed by: Adel Khan Faroog
    Screenplay: Adel Khan Farooq
    Production/School: Lise Fearnley, Tonje Skar Reiersen
    Dialogue language: Norwegian

    In a dystopian city on the verge of collapse after cockroaches have taken over, a brotherhood sends 17-year-old Tim on a mission to blow up the cockroaches’ nest to save his hometown. But a meeting with a stranger makes Tim reconsider his perception of reality. Cockroaches is an animated fable about exclusion and extremism, showing how search for acceptance can have fatal consequences. In a time when the extreme right is once again marching across many European countries, the film aims to send a warning.

  11. BATTLE PLAN 04:30
  12. France 2023
    Directed by: John Banana, Mathilde Michea
    Animation: Antoine Vinceneux
    Technique: Sarah Salard, Martine Mao, Thibaut Scalesse
    Music: Tim Bruzon
    Production/School: Digital Banana
    Dialogue language: English

    A car ride with Mum results in an epiphany for a young girl who must imagine her way to a better future.Her ideas grow and with them the chance to make a real difference. Battle Plan, a musical ode to young activists everywhere.
  13. Steps 08:45
  14. Russia 2022
    Directed by: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova
    Screenplay: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova
    Animation: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova, Larisa Kondratyeva, Dmitry Palagin, Anna Smirnova, Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova, Daniil Lavrikov
    Technique: 2d computer
    Music: Adieu Adieu, Levan Iordanishvili, Lost Harmonies, Alex Beaulieu, Shaun Frearson, Daniel Belardinelli
    Production/School: Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Nikolay Makovsky
    Dialogue language: Italian
    Subtitles language: English

    One day in the life of a reclusive monk who lives in a monastery at the top of the town. The only living being he is fond of is, in fact, a little lemon tree. When the tree is on the verge of drying out from the lack of water the Monk has to walk down the steps through the whole town to get to the well.

  15. The Encounter 05:52
  16. Russia 2022
    Directed by: Aleksandra Krivolutskaia
    Screenplay: Aleksandra Krivolutskaia
    Animation: Aleksandra Krivolutskaia, Kristina Poplavskaya, Yulia Melnik, Ksenia Agafonova, George Starostin, Maria Koneva, Aleksandra Deeva, Maria Rakitina, Aleksandra Toporkova, Elizaveta Astretsova
    Technique: Hand-drawn
    Music: Alexey Arkhipovsky
    Production/School: Nikolay Makovsky
    Dialogue language: No dialogue

    A young woman returns to her empty childhood home and is confronted with memories in which her late mum was always there for her. She manages to bat the memories away, but only up to a point. It is a lyrical film about the powerful feeling that seemingly completely insignificant objects from our childhood evoke in us.

  17. Bear Speculation 11:11
  18. Russia 2022
    Directed by: Anna Kadykova
    Screenplay: Anna Kadykova
    Animation: Tatiana Yatsyna, Anna Kadykova, Daria Dementieva
    Technique: 2d computer
    Music: Alexander Chirkov
    Production/School: Nikolay Makovsky
    Dialogue language: Mumbling
    Subtitles language: English

    The Idiot and the Cat live together in a complete jazz madness. The Idiot is always busy with his own business: he tries to learn French, and a minute later he plays the contrabass. And the Cat cuts pieces of paper all the time. The unexpected new passion of the Idiot drags characters to the no less crazy jazz journey to another world and another mood.

  19. Life’s Been A Mess Music Video 02:45
  20. United States of America 2023
    Directed by: Zeebruh
    Screenplay: Zeebruh
    Music: Zeebruh
    Production/School: Zeebruh

    The Official Music Video and Debut of Zeebruh. Zeebruh is from a distant galaxy that has arrived on to our planet via a Portal that was opened. His journey is being documented via his website and social media where he interacts with people in real time.

  21. Xiao Huang-Huang / 小黄黄 12:00
  22. China 2022
    Directed by: Jiangyue Xu
    Production/School: Jiangyue Xu
    Dialogue language: Chinese

    The changes in the place it used to live in bring Xiao Huang-Huang into a mystic world oblivious to time and space. The constant replacement of the scenes in the environment with new ones sparks its reflection on the disappearance of some historical memories and nostalgia for the traditional culture that is fast fading away.

  23. Outside the Lines: A Paper Doll Burlesque 05:30
  24. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: Hannah Givens
    Animation: Jeremy Speed Schwartz
    Technique: Cut-out stop motion

    A swinging free-for-all that leaves nothing to the imagination! These ladies have guile, style, and a smile! Follies! Comedy! Dances! Four acts designed to excite, amuse, and titillate you!

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