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Russia 2022
Duration: 08:45
Directed by: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova
Screenplay: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova
Animation: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova, Larisa Kondratyeva, Dmitry Palagin, Anna Smirnova, Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova, Daniil Lavrikov
Technique: 2d computer
Music: Adieu Adieu, Levan Iordanishvili, Lost Harmonies, Alex Beaulieu, Shaun Frearson, Daniel Belardinelli
Production/School: Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Nikolay Makovsky
Dialogue language: Italian
Subtitles language: English

One day in the life of a reclusive monk who lives in a monastery at the top of the town. The only living being he is fond of is, in fact, a little lemon tree. When the tree is on the verge of drying out from the lack of water the Monk has to walk down the steps through the whole town to get to the well.

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