Colombia 2019
Duration: 16:14
Directed by: Eugenio Gómez Borrero
Screenplay: Eugenio Gómez Borrero
Animation: Luisa Guerra-Pablo Rubio-David Molina
Technique: 2D Cut-out
Music: Sergio Gutiérrez Zuluaga
Production/School: Elicenia Ramírez Vásquez
Dialogue language: Spanish
Subtitles language: English

Between rhymes and songs, the musician Papámarimba narrates the legend of El Libertario. A story about a ghost ship, a slave rebellion and the eternal struggle for freedom. But his son Canchimalo no longer believes in these stories. Think that they are superstitions that keep your people backward. A challenge that will lead him to face face to face with the spirits of his ancestors and discover for himself the sinister side of the progress he so desires.


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