Bardo / Hungarian

Hungary 2019
Duration: 05:00
Directed by: Fiorella Spitzer
Screenplay: Fiorella Spitzer
Animation: Eszter Jenei, Fiorella Spitzer, Dóra Csóka Csóka, Henrietta Dudás, László Sztán, Éva Zsilinszky, Orsolya Blanka Tóth, Zoltán Fritz
Technique: 2D computer drawing
Music: András Pongor
Production/School: Bal Filmkészítő Kft./Budapest Metropolitan University
Dialogue language: Hungarian

An old Fisherman lives alone with his Dog in a fishing village. One day, they find a rope tied to a waif anchor along the shore, which invites the fisherman closer and closer to the water. His curiosity draws him into the sea until he is swallowed by the huge waves that sweep him far away from his home. His loyal friend follows him but at first he can only look after his owner from afar. The Fisherman, following a mysterious fish, is faced with his dreamlike visions of his home, his fond memories. He would almost back away at this point, but the special creature would bait him into an abyss to his final journey, into an unknown from which there might be no return.


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