King Weeper and Uncle Tickleton / Цар Плаксій та Лоскотон / Tsar Plaksiy ta Loskoton

Ukraine 2019
Duration: 11:40
Directed by: Andrian Sakhaltuiev
Screenplay: Vyacheslav Nikolayev
Music: Sergiy Chegodaev
Production/School: Iryna Sakhaltuieva, Victor Andrienko
Dialogue language: Ukrainian
Subtitles language: English

In the Tearshed kingdom, King Weeper rules, which forbids laughter and merriment, because the biggest delicacy for him is people's tears. Uncle Tickleton, standing up to the king, amuses the kids and their parents, giving them hope. In spite of all the cunning of King Weeper and his henchmen, Uncle Tickleton defeats the villain, forcing him to die of laughter.


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