United States of America 2019
Duration: 03:22
Directed by: John T. Hill
Animation: John T. Hill, Simon Lucas Howe, Kala Brown, Shannisha Donnerson, Lily Beck, Cody Hansel, Casey Stallings, Kris Tucker, Ashley Marie McKinley, Opal Baines, Emily Brown, Toni Anderson, Amanda Zelenak, David Lewis, Ricardo Wiggins, Caleb Tucker, Glenda Bisho
Technique: Hand drawn, digitally inked, colored, composited.
Music: Robb Wenner, Todd Siebert
Production/School: Academy of Art University
Dialogue language: N/A
Subtitles language: N/A

Jack and Lovey go on a wild adventure after a flying pygmy hippo steals their pacifier and leads them on a zoo - spanning chase!


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