The Grass is Always Greener When it isn't Covered in Chocolate

Kuwait 2019
Duration: 09:48
Directed by: Hala Alhomoud
Dialogue language: English

A sheep​ (​Woolly​) ​is discontent with his monotonous farm​, ​its contained lifestyle​, ​and the exploitative system it runs on​. ​The owner of the farm shears the sheep in exchange for chocolate-covered grass​. ​Frustrated with the farmer’s abusive actions​, ​Woolly says goodbye to the only home he​'​s ever known for something more​.​ However​, ​freedom comes with a lot of decision-making​. ​Anxious and overwhelmed by the options available to him​, ​he rejects a friendly invitation from local strangers​. ​While exploring the edges of the world​ (​and beyond​), ​the dread of loneliness sets in​. ​Will​ ​he return to the comfort of his home or choose adventure at the cost of being alone​?​


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