Sound Holds the Distance Travelled

Ireland 2018
Duration: 03:24
Directed by: Gareth Gowran
Screenplay: Gareth Gowran, Sadhbh Lawlor
Animation: Gareth Gowran
Technique: Classical
Production/School: Gareth Gowran, Sadhbh Lawlor
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

‘The Melancholic Wife loved to dance.....she danced to cope with the dark and troubled thoughts that lived in her mind’. Sound Holds the Distance Travelled takes us on a journey through the inner world of the Melancholic Wife as she struggles against the manifestations of her own personal darkness. A memory of sound triggers a descent into this darkness and it takes form to surround, clasp and envelope her. The Melancholic Wife must find a way through and out of the dark to ultimately find her power within it. This short film uses traditional animation techniques to try to express the beauty and flow of an individuals contest within herself. Her story is narrated in a lyrical, mythical voice, bringing poetry to what is personal. It is adapted from an original short comic story and the film attempts to convey the everyday, individual glory we carry through the unromantic walls of our real lives. While also portraying the power of self expression as a means to thrive, grow and survive.


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