Incidents - Way home / Hemväg

Sweden 2019
Duration: 07:23
Directed by: Jessica Laurén
Screenplay: Jessica Laurén
Animation: Jessica Laurén
Technique: 2D/photo/film/paintings
Music: Lasse Sander
Production/School: Maria Åkesson, Sugar Rush Productions
Dialogue language: Swedish
Subtitles language: English

Three true stories - experienced, animated and told by the director, about not coming home safely as a young girl/woman. 12 years old: She is walking from school to get home to her dad. 18 years old: She is walking home from a bar in the evening. 24 years old: She is walking with her newborn baby in the stroller on her way home - a situation that should be safer than anything. Each time men come in her way, making her way home threatening and difficult. She is a survivor, she can handle it - but why does she have to?


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