Time o´ the Signs

Austria 2019
Duration: 08:36
Directed by: Reinhold Bidner
Screenplay: Reinhold Bidner
Animation: Reinhold Bidner
Technique: Mixed Media, 2D Computer Animation, 3D Computer Animation, Hand Drawn Animation, Rotoscope, Stop Motion
Music: Bidner Reinhold & Wobblersound Vienna
Production/School: gold extra
Dialogue language: english
Subtitles language: english

"Time o´ the Signs" is an experimental - narrative but also documentary - animation about digital time thieves of our time, media stupidities and ongoing daily routines. This work wants to question: how do we (not) want to live in a future society? Better, faster, more efficient, your faceless shadow in the cloud. Your clock: tick tock, Your stats? They drop... The system knows you, better than you do. So you post as a ghost, you stream your dream and you augment life´s content. Say “Buy Buy” to happiness! A.S.A.P.! C.W.O.T... Machine life balance, apple every day, so smart! Designed for the deadline, you resigned from your life, fin(e)? In your safe home, immersed in your comfort zone: Time´s up-load? Life filed? All under Control? Or just "Ctrl - alt – delete"?...


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