Official Selection

Red Hands / Mani Rosse

Italy 2018
Duration: 29:58
Directed by: Francesco FILIPPI
Screenplay: Francesco Filippi
Animation: Francesco Filippi
Technique: stop-motion / drawings on paper
Music: Andrea Rizz
Production/School: Sattva Films
Dialogue language: Italian
Subtitles language: English

Ernest (12) is a smart but also hyper-protected and lonely boy. One day he discovers some wonderful red wall drawings, made by a mysterious girl whose name is Moon (14). She has the magic power to produce a vivid red color from her hands, through which she expresses her talent. But behind this gift there is a painful situation: Moon's father, Furio, is a violent man. When the relationship between the two teenagers becomes friendship, Moon suddenly disappears. Ernest will have to pluck up all his courage to save the life of that strange girl whom he fell in love with ...


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