Μεγάλου ΜήκουςΕλληνικές

Σπουδαστικές - Πρόγραμμα 5 (106')


Σάββατο, 28 Μαρτίου 2015, Αλκυονίδα New Star Art Cinema, Ώρες: 21:00-23:00


1. Emblem, 3’ 36’’

Israel 2014

Directed by Daria Perelmuter

Screenplay: Daria Perelmuter

Animation: Daria Perelmuter

Technique: 3D Abstract animation

Music: Anton Nota



Metamorphose of religious symbols coming from a single point, born, each other in various amorphous forms, such as slinky and form of optical illusions and combining them all together to one giant Hungarian Cube, which attempts to match the symbols and create a perfect wig. Because of the lack of success, the Cube begins to transform to shapes "perfect geometry" of the "sacred geometry" included Metatron’s Cube and Flower of Life. Finally all sucked in to one point it all started from.




2. What impact does the decrease of the population of beetler platinus takes on love life of Christina, 3’ 20’’

Poland 2014

Directed by Marta Magnuska

Screenplay: Marta Magnuska

Animation: Marta Magnuska

Technique: Drawing animation

Music: Michael Parker



Seemingly irrelevant events take a significant impact on our life.  




3. The flaxen-haired Girl, 2’ 57’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Ulrike Baumann

Screenplay: -


Technique: Stop-motion, Animated objects

Music: Konzertverein Kassel e.V.

Dialogues: None


Listening to the 8th Prelude of Debussy I set my mind free.




4. Woe is me, 2’ 23’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Alma W. Bär

Screenplay: Alma W. Bär

Animation: Alma W. Bär


Music: Alma W. Bär, Christoph Margraf, Sidney Werner



The youth of a woman – a long way with many obstacles. A flow of blood. Society and outside influences press her so hard that she finally breaks down. In the end it`s up to her to free herself an wipe the slate clean.




5. Dej Mi Sluka, 4’ 38’’

Israel 2014

Directed by Shira Makin

Screenplay: Shira Makin

Animation: Sariel Kaselesi


Music: Nadav Riboh

Dialogues: None


The film brings to life the picture diaries of Erich Lichtblau-Leskly who was sent to Theresienstadt Ghetto at 1942. During his time there he secretly painted tens of caricatures depicting the Ghettos day to day life




6. On a Τuesday Night, 6’ 27’’

Colombia 2014

Directed by María Margarita J. Moyano

Screenplay: María Margarita J. Moyano

Animation: Julián D. Pérez and María Margarita J. Moyano

Technique: 3D, 2D Digital animation

Music: Andrés Vilá

Dialogues: Spanish

Subtitles: english


A woman and her daughter fail to meet. Time passes; the mom fears the worst for her daughter. Immersed in her imagination the girl escapes the tedious await. While reality fades, the city transforms.




7. The Unforgettable Pianist, 6' 47"

Spain 2014

Directed by Josep Antoni Ribas Rossello

Screenplay: Josep Antoni Ribas Rossello

Animation: Josep Antoni Ribas Rossello

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Various Artists

Dianlogues: No dialogues

Subtittles: None


Enric Mellier, a famous french pianist is about to give a piano concert, when strange events start to happen inside the theatre, events that make him to understand that he has a serious problem.



8. Meanwhile, 5’ 15’’

Ireland 2014

Directed by Stephen McNally

Screenplay: Stephen McNally

Animation: Stephen McNally

Technique: 3D, CG, Hand drawn

Music: Adam Cullen

Dialogues: English


Blending CG 3D and 2D drawn animation techniques, Meanwhile follows four characters traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations. Meanwhile uses bold colour schemes and fragments of narratives to examine empathy in urban insularity.




9. The Animals, 6’ 18’’

Singapore 2014

Directed by Mark Wee

Screenplay: Mark Wee

Animation: Mark Wee

Technique: Stop-motion, Cut-out animation

Music: Helge Ebinger

Dialogues: None


Influenced by the German Expressionist movement of the early 1900s and the silhouette animated films by Lotte Reiniger, The Animals is a paper cut-out stop-motion animation that is adapted from the life of Joseph Merrick, the historically famed Elephant Man who walked the streets of Victorian England, exhibiting himself in freak shows. Abused and despised by society for his horrific appearance, Merrick is at his wit’s end when things take a serendipitous turn.




10. The Vending Machine, 6’ 46’’

Taiwan 2014

Directed by Po-Yu Chen

Screenplay: Po-Yu Chen

Animation: Po-Yu Chen


Music: Ng Hak Loi

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


Under the whole darkness, everywhere was barren and filled with crack,

Someone bumped into a vending machine unintentionally when wandering alone

However ,the vending machine initiated the eagerness of comsumption …




11. Playroom, Big Voice Media, 3’ 6’’

UK 2014

Directed by Big Voice Media

Screenplay: Children aged 5-10 from Ashbrow Primary School


Technique: Pixilation animation, Complied and shot using an iPad and associated apps

Music: Composed by the children using app software

Dialogues: none


A wreckless playroom race between two very different cars causes a potential disaster as all the toys are whipped up into an animated frenzy in this music driven dynamic short.




12. Pekk, 8’ 38

Estonia 2014

Directed by Paula Mauer, August Varustin, Morten Tšinakov, Heili Lõhmus

Screenplay: Paula Mauer, August Varustin, Morten Tšinakov, Heili Lõhmus

Animation: August Varustin, Morten Tšinakov, Paula Mauer

Technique: Puppet film

Music: August Varustin



The woman wishes to dance but there is no music. She sends her husband outside to feed the bird so the neighbor could come to visit. And that's how the love triangle appears..




13. Infection, Yiu-Tsz Wai Melody, 2’ 19’’

Hong Kong 2014

Directed by Yiu Tsz Wai Melody

Screenplay: Yiu Tsz Wai Melody

Animation: Yiu Tsz Wai Melody

Technique: Digital 2D animation

Music: Yiu Tsz Wai Melody

Dialogues (lyrics): "Two Hours Later"

Language of dialogues: English


A boy is infected with a weird disease and he tries to find a cure.




14. What if..., 2’ 35’’

Romania 2014

Directed by Balázs Gábor

Screenplay: Balázs Gábor

Technique: Draw animation

Music: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd

Dialogues: none


The story begins from love, a perfect relationship between a guy and a girl. But in every relationship is it an "If", what if attain, than everything changes.  It is all in metaforic illustrated.




15. Saski, 7’

Iran 2014

Directed by Sedigheh Famil Farnia

Screenplay: Sedigheh Famil Farnia

Animation: Sedigheh Famil Farnia

Technique: 2D animation




A very clean beetle lives at the bottom of drainpipes. Every time she wants to go out of her very clean and well-furnished house. She confronts with many problems…




16. The 40 Martyrs of Famagusta, 8’ 30’’

Singapore 2014

Directed by Jamin Wu

Animation: Jamin Wu

Technique: 2D Digital animation

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


Little boy Ara is troubled by the sad story of the painting his father is working on, on the wall of a church in Famagusta, Cyprus.




17. Mouth, 7’

Israel 2014

Directed by Yulia Koritni

Screenplay: Yulia Koritni

Animation: Yulia Koritni

Technique: Clay animation

Music: Sharon Safanov

Dialogues: None


In a dark, remote cabin lives a mouthless she-creature who collects bones from the forest floor to hang on her walls for decoration. Her daily routine changes when her son arrives to the world, a clamorous, demanding critter who's ravenous hunger cannot be sated.

Their twisted relationship, a metaphor for human behavior, raises criticism of parent-child relationships and shines a light on the multifaceted female psyche.




18. Desportistas, 5’

Spain 2014

Directed by Ivan Ramirez, Juan Carlos Arniz, Ana Rodríguez

Screenplay: Ivan Ramirez, Juan Carlos Arniz, Ana Rodríguez


Music: -

Dialogues: Spanish

Subtitles: English


During a sport event, athletes doesn't seems they are having a good time.




19. E scape, 3’ 28’’

Spain 2014

Directed by Ivan Albacete

Screenplay: Ivan Albacete

Animation: 2D animation

Technique: Rotoscope

Music: BSO Jonathan Gutiérrez

Dialogues: None


Alex is a teenager at high school. When he enters the school building he gets into a world apart where satyrs make the rules. Satyrs look down on him, because he's different, weak and an easy victim of their taunts. Alex will suffer every second at school: a real hell.




20. Dreamer Ballerina, 2’ 08’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Jakob Waldinger

Screenplay: Jakob Waldinger

Animation: Jakob Waldinger


Music: Sebastian Waldinger



Fränk, the little fat bulldog, gets into a daydream. How he wishes to be an elegant ballerina, who could easily fill crowds of people with enthusiasm for his dancing. But in the end he will always remain being only a dog...




21. Another Drink Please, 1’ 14’’

UK 2014

Directed by Jessica Lester

Screenplay: Jessica Lester

Animation: Jessica Lester

Technique: 2D computer




A visual exploration of the effects of alcohol on two people on a date.




22. Broken Down, 1’ 26’’

UK 2014

Directed by Will Rowson

Screenplay: Will Rowson

Animation: Will Rowson

Technique: 2D, 3D Computer animation




With help from her daughter, a mother must come to terms with being broken down in the middle of nowhere.




23. Lovebites, 3’

Australia 2014

Directed by Jonathon Iskov

Screenplay: Jonathon Iskov

Animation: Jonathon Iskov, Aaron Bautista, Aram Davern, Michael De Caria


Music: Peter Lam, Doug Walker



Cecil the mantis goes on his first date.




24. Flat Encounters With The 3-D Kind, 2’ 40’’

UK 2014

Directed by Jack Alexandroff, Jack Snelling

Screenplay: Jack Alexandroff, Jack Snelling

Animation: Jack Alexandroff, Jack Snelling

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: -

Dialogues: None


A headstrong cosmonaut lands on an alien world in search of treasure, adventure and riches. But nothing could prepare him for the secrets he will uncover, the secrets of the next dimension.




25. The Astonishing Effects of Zebulon's Machine, 7’ 37’’

USA 2014

Directed by Andrew Malek

Screenplay: Andrew Malek

Animation: Andrew Malek

Technique: Stop-motion puppets

Music: Duncan Thum

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


A man with a fantastic music making machine accidentally lures a Sasquatch into his home, but these seeming opposites have more in common than they know.