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BIO-GRAPHIA, 92', 35mm, Ultra Panavision

Greece 1975

Direction: Thanassis Rentzis

Screnplay: Thanassis Rentzis & Yorgis Yatromanolakis

(Based on the same name Chumy Chumez's collage-book)

Director of photography: Christos Mangos

Editing: Thanassis Rentzis

Sound: Dimitris Lazaridis

Music: Stamatis Spanoudakis

Color and special effects: Angelos Chatziandreou

Cameraman: Angelos Chatziandreou

Narrator: Yiorgos Kyritsis

Production: FILMOGRAM - Thanassis Rentzis & Christos Mangos

Courtesy: Thanassis Rentzis

Genre: Feature experimental


With a title that expresses the connection/disagreement of bios=life and graphi=writing, this film of Rentzis has as a subject "the passage from Homo Universalis to Homo Industrialis" (Stella Theodorakis, "L'Anatreptikos dans Le Cinema Grec", in "Le Cinéma Grec", 1995, published by Centre George Pompidou).

Based on a visual material provided by the collage book of the Basque Chumy Chúmez, the film forms, out of cultural deposits, a new oneiric discourse, through the audacious and unprecenteded in Greek cinema, application of a collage-montage technique.

Viewing the body as "the sublime point of reference, a matrix and a refusal of all signs" Rentzis, dissects the body of film, makes a parody of historical certainties and moves between animation and expanded cinema in order to reflect on the broader social, political question of unity and ruptur.


Awards & Mentions:

3rd Award Best Movie, 16th Thessaloniki Film Festival 1975

And also Audience Award. 



ELECTRIC  ANGEL, 90΄, Color,  Frame ratio, 1.66:1

Greece 1981

Direction: Thanassis Rentzis

Screenplay: Thanassis Rentzis

Director of Photography: Polydefkis Kyrlidis

Editing: Thanassis Rentzis

Music: Dimitris Lekkas & Dimitris Papadimitriou

(Sound Track: CBS [Vinyl  LP], No. 70217).

Acting: Faedon Georgitsis, Marili Tsopanelli, Sofia Roumbou, Ismini Bolbasi, Rosemary Donnelly, Savvina Giannatou, Konstantinos Hatzistamatis, Giorgos Hristofylakis, Agi Iliopoulou-Kornelatou, Giannis Kalatzopoulos, Thanassis Kastaniotis, Georgia Kornelatou, Georgia Zoi, Yorgos Kotanidis, Maria Lianantonaki, Vasiliki Manda, Evangelos Mandas, Jason Melissinos, Jay Riley

Production: Thanassis Rentzis & Greek Film Center


Awards & Mentions:

Mention for Experimental Movie, 22 Thessaloniki Film Festival 1981

And also Music Award. 


An experimental film, in which a variety of audiovisual techniques are used to create the sense of polymorphic eroticism as developed by Euro-Mediterranean region in the 20th century.

Combining the methods of animation and live action, this intricate work embodies the deep idea of the notorious ars combinatoria.

The structure is loose, with neither a central axis nor a point where everything converges, contributing greatly to the open-ended character of the film, where rhythm is the guiding key.


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