STUDENT 2 – 100’ 20’’

Student Competition


01. MY STRANGE GRANDFATHER / Moi strannyi dedushka, 8’ 40’’

Russia 2012

Direction: Dina Velikovskaya

Screenplay: Dina Velikovskaya

Animation: Eugenia Zhirkova, Dina Velikovskaya

Technique: Puppet, stop-motion

Music: Eugeni Kadimski, Maria Gootnik

Dialogues: None


A creative person often seems weird, funny and a little bit crazy. Even his friends and family do not always understand him and often feel ashamed of him. But sometimes he can create a real miracle - merely from garbage.




02. MYTHOPOLIS, 11’ 36’’

Czech republic 2013

Direction: Alexandra Hetmerová

Screenplay: Alexandra Hetmerová

Animation: Alexandra Hetmerová

Technique: 2D computer animation

Music: Jindřich Čížek



Legendary characters from the Greek mythology live their lives and solve their problems in today´s world.




03. NO TIME FOR TOES / Viis varpaista, 7’ 58’’

Finland 2013

Direction: Kari Pieskä

Screenplay: Kari Pieskä

Animation: Kari Pieskä

Technique: 2D computer


Dialogues: None


How does a father do? A short film about eating, sleeping and brushing the teeth.





04. ONE LIFE, 4’ 38’’

Mongolia 2013

Direction: Oyun-Erdene Togtokh

Screenplay: Oyun-Erdene Togtokh

Animation: Oyun-Erdene Togtokh





The story is about young generations who has been influenced by technology. In 21st century technology affects many people into addiction. We started serving technology more than technology serves us.




05. ORIGAMI, 5’ 22’’

Spain 2013

Direction: David Pavon

Screenplay: David Pavon

Animation: David Pavon, Tatiana Alonso, Nacho Subirats, Rodrigo Yborra

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Band A Part

Dialogues: None


Once upon a time there was a paper boat, who lived in an abandoned toy store, that embarks on the journey of his life.





Czech Republic 2014

Direction: Martin Máj

Screenplay: Martin Máj

Animation: Martin Máj

Technique: Puppet animation, pixilation, live action

Music: Jindřich Čížek

Dialogues: None


Freak grotesque about hand puppets and their puppet master.




07. SATURDAY THE 14TH, 1’ 23’’

Canada 2013

Direction: Kristjan Lyngmo

Screenplay: Kristjan Lyngmo

Animation: Kristjan Lyngmo

Technique: 3D computer nimation


Dialogues: None


Saturday the 14th is a 3D animated short horror parody starring a masked man named Mason.




08. SPALT / Pac!, 1’ 19’’

Poland 2012

Direction: Alicja Blaszczynska

Screenplay: Alicja Blaszczynska

Animation: Alicja Blaszczynska

Technique: drawing, 2d

Music: -

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


'Splat!' is a short story of an ordinary woman who just wanted to take a bath. Unfortunately this casual activity turned out to be tragic.




09. TEARS OF INGE, 4’ 21’’

Canada 2013

Direction: Alisi Telengut

Screenplay: Alisi Telengut

Animation: Alisi Telengut

Technique: Frame by frame, painting

Music: Huun Huur Tu, Carmen Rizzo

Dialogues: Mongolian

Subtitles: English


A profound human-animal and human-nature relationship is represented by a painted world filled with a camel's emotion and tears.




10. THE TENEMENT BUILDING / Kamienica, 12’ 43’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Agnieszka Burszewska

Screenplay: Agnieszka Burszewska

Animation: Adam Wyrwas, Wojciech Sankiewicz, Agnieszka Burszewska

Technique: Clay animation

Music: Renata Baszun, Maciej Mulawa

Dialogues: None


“The Tenement Building” is a black comedy dealing with world without love problem.  It is dilapidated, the tenants are not very well-off, and what is more they don't have enough food. They are very kind to each other, and cultivate good manners. However, their behaviour is marked by artificiality and exagerration, caused by the specific tradition they cultivate.




11. TZADIK, 6’ 14’’

Israel 2013

Direction: Oriel Berkovits

Screenplay: Oriel Berkovits

Animation: Oriel  Berkovits


Music: Yonatan Shemla

Dialogues: None


A short animated film about hope and despair.




12. TWO GHOSTS, 9’ 20’’

USA 2013

Direction: Amy Lee Ketchum

Screenplay: Amy Lee Ketchum

Animation: Amy Lee Ketchum, Justin Connolly

Technique: Puppets, animated objects

Music: Andy Puls (A Magic Whistle)

Dialogues: None


Two Ghosts, seeks to address the transformation of individuals from naive happiness into melancholic joy. It follows a creature on an Orphic journey to find a disappeared companion. Its finale is a mournful dance in homage to the lost beloved.




13. RITA, 4’ 09’’

Israel 2013

Direction: Valery Yuzefovich

Animation: Valery Yuzefovich

Music: Tsezura

Dialogues: Hebrew

Subtitles: English


"Rita" is an animated visualization of the song "Rita" by the Israeli band "Tsenzura".

The heroine of the story is a young girl who burns away her life, running away from reality with the help of alcohol and drugs. She parties non-stop until her fantasy world turns to a new threatening reality.




14. SIMA’S TRIRD HAND / Simina treća ruka, 9’ 36’’

Serbia 2013

Direction: Darko Dacović

Screenplay: Darko Dacović

Animation: Darko Dacović

Technique: 2D computer animation

Dialogues: None


Sima is an ordinary young man who works in a cookies factory until he met an old witch that cursed him with a strange curse because of his rude behavior.




15. SOCK SKEWER STREET 8Sock Skewer Street 8 / Sukkavartaankatu 8, 6’ 30’’

Finland/Japan 2013

Direction: Elli Vuorinen

Screenplay: Elli Vuorinen

Animation: Elli Vuorinen

Technique: pencil/ink on paper, 2D computer animation

Music: Jani Lehto

Dialogues: None


She keeps finding tiny socks. Now, whose feet are feeling cold? A strange autobiographical story, where little factors of life help to let go of the past.