STUDENT 1 – 90’ 50’’

Student Competition

01. ODIO, 1’ 26’

UK 2012

Direction: Adriano Vessichelli

Screenplay: Adriano Vessichelli

Animation: Adriano Vessichelli


Music: Pierre O'reilly

Dialogues: None


This is the story of a spirit who has experienced a life of social exclusion.In the first shot we see the character staring at nothing, lost in its memories. With a close up on its eyes we enter into past memories within the blink of an eye. We discover it has been betrayed in a threatening manner. Escaping from this world, the spirit is scared, afraid and sorrowful. However, the reaction is of anger. Expressing these feelings with an explosion of rage leads to solitude and loneliness.




02. CAMERA OBSCURE, 4’ 42’’

UK 2013

Direction: Dimitris Simou

Screenplay: Dimitris Simou

Animation: Dimitris Simou

Technique: 3D computer animation

Dialogues: None


Inside an image-producing machine, a man falls in love with the perfect image. But feelings are not permitted inside this machine, at least not in this side...




03. CATRINA, 2’ 54’’

Canada 2013

Direction: Luisa Elías

Screenplay: Vancouver Film School

Animation: Luisa Elías

Technique: Classical animation (using paper)

Music: Matthew Thomas


In the middle of the night a hungry little girl meets death in the form of an elegant woman who plays with her and invites her to celebrate the Day of the Dead with breads and sweets.




04. COGAS, 9’ 43’’ Cogas

UK 2013

Direction: Michela Anedda

Screenplay: Michela Anedda, Stefano Nurra, Alex Kay

Animation: Michela Anedda

Technique: Stop-motion animation

Music: Terry Peng

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


Cogas is a short stop motion animation, a dark tale of old vampire witches and newborn babies' blood





Serbia 2013

Direction: Bojana Rajevic

Screenplay: Bojana Rajevic

Animation: Bojana Rajevic

Technique: Moving composite image

Music: Wooden Ambulance

Dialogues: None


Art project Ephemeral Ambiences explores the possibilities of merging hand drawings and software camera movement. The goal of this experiment is to create new ways of perceiving drawings and to experiment with composite moving image. The scenes are taken from some old family photographs, and later on manipulated in order to create new, dreamlike, imaginary visions.




06. EUGEN, 2’ 07’’

Germany 2013

Direction: Alma Weber

Screenplay: Alma Weber

Animation: Alma Weber


Music: Richard Siedhoff

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


When Eugen frightens accidentally a little bird, he gets very sad about himself. He decides to change the situation and himself to get a new point of view.

Hidden Track




07. HIDDEN TRACK, 6’ 36’’

Germany 2013

Direction: Elisabeth Zwimpfer

Screenplay: Elisabeth Zwimpfer

Animation: Theresa Grysczok, Daniel Maass, Elisabeth Zwimpfer

Technique: Cut-out, 2D computer, Mixed Media

Music: Thos Henley (KF Records), Leonard Bahro

Dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


A lonely woman is looking for jobs. Her neighbor hears her singing at the heating.

When she´s on her way to the letterbox, her neighbor appears singing her song. She follows him in a discotheque. After a unhappy dance they start a revolt. Getting into trouble is their chance to escape.




08. FAT AND SKINNY / Gruby i chudy, 8’ 41’’

Poland 2014

Direction: Aleksandra Brozyna

Screenplay: Aleksandra Brozyna

Animation: Aleksandra Brozyna

Technique: Drawn animation, 2D animation

Music: George Antoniv

Dialogues: None


The title characters are boys who live their lives in the rhythm of their strange habits. They think that existence wihout these daily rituals would be impossible. Many surprises await you in their world. We are taking part in the search for ways to satisfy some inner hunger the boys are coping with. In order to discover the darks secrets that they are hiding, one must look back.




09. GAME OVER, 3’ 45’’

Iran 2013

Direction: Seyed Monsen Pourmonseni Shakid

Screenplay: Seyed Monsen Pourmonseni Shakid

Animation: Seyed Monsen Pourmonseni Shakid

Technique: Classical


Dialogues: None


A social short movie.




10. METANOIA, 3’ 55’’

Colombia 2013

Direction: Tomas Silva

Screenplay: Tomas Silva

Animation: Tomas Silva

Technique: Classical




A lonely boy is beaten by a mysterious masked man, they both hide a dark past.




11. MILK TEATH / Dents de lait, 4’ 05’’

Canada 2013

Direction: Julie Charette

Screenplay: Julie Charette

Animation: Julie Charette

Technique: drawing on paper, cut-out, sand animation

Music: Julia Mermelstein

Dialogues: French

Subtitles: English


The loss of a tooth shakes a young boy's world upside, making him grow up faster than he wishes.




12. MRS SWING GOES TI THE SCHEISSEDISKO / Frau Schwein geht in die Scheissedisko, 7’ 58’’

Germany 2012

Direction: Mathias Barth, Christian Hippchen

Screenplay: Mathias Barth, Christian Hippchen

Animation: Mathias Barth, Christian Hippchen

Technique: Cut-out animation

Music: Philipp Kessling

Dialogues: None


Saturday night, 8 o‘clock. Register‘s clear. Knocking off. Now heading home. Hotting up and drinking wine. Noise, stench and lots of dirt. We‘re almost done. And then it‘s time. Mrs Swine goes to the Scheissedisko.




13. DOTYK, 5’ 25’’

UK 2013

Direction: Rebecca Barbuscia, Nikki Vakid, Kamil Kopys, Subaru Yamazaki

Screenplay: Rebecca Barbuscia, Nikki Vakid, Kamil Kopys, Subaru Yamazaki

Animation: Rebecca Barbuscia, Nikki Vakid, Kamil Kopys, Subaru Yamazaki





The tale of four bulb-like characters living in a world between reality and surrealism.




14. THE PASSING, 5’ 09’’

Canada 2012

Direction: Hamish Lambert

Screenplay: Hamish Lambert

Animation: Hamish Lambert


Music: Ian Baird

Dialogues: Hamish Lambert

Language of dialogues: None


A child takes the life of a loved one for granted




15. THE SEA, 5’

Poland 2013

Direction: Zofia Dabrowska

Screenplay: Zofia Dabrowska

Animation: Zofia Dabrowska

Technique: Cut-out animation

Music: Paris Music

Dialogues: None

Language of dialogues: -

Subtitles: English


The story about the Sea, made a cut-out technique.




16. OUT FROM THE DEEP / Iz dubine, 6’ 50’’

Croatia 2013

Direction: Katrin Novakovic

Screenplay: Katrin Novakovic

Animation: Katrin Novakovic

Technique: Stop-motion, puppets

Music: Ante Bozic Kudric

Dialogues: None


No peeking, please! Modern life has isolated us and made us somewhat detached. The Good Old Swing Octopus comes to the rescue! Emerging from the depths of the sea, it brings life to our jaded city souls.




17. REFLECTIONS, 5’ 19’’

Israel 2013

Direction: Bosmat Agayoff, Alon Ziv

Screenplay: Bosmat Agayoff, Alon Ziv

Animation: Bosmat Agayoff, Alon Ziv


Music: Ady Cohen

Dialogues: None


Barnie, a grown man, Play around with his childish reflection in an urban landscape.

But the fun comes to an end when other adults around him change him and turn him into one of them.