STUDENT 6 – 69’ 17’’

Student Competition

01. AND LODZ SAYS, 6’ 59’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Marcin Podolca

Screenplay: Marcin Podolca

Animation: Marcin Podolca

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Aneta Kaczmarek

Dialogues: None


Two men spend a day through the streets of Lodz.





02. INVIGLIO, 3’ 20’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Artur Hanaj

Screenplay: Artur Hanaj

Animation: Artur Hanaj

Technique: 2D animation, drawing on paper

Music: Dariusz Hanaj, Dorota Turkiewicz

Dialogues: None


"INVIGILO" is short story about humanoid and his dog. They live in small town, where citizens’ houses are connected and create large web of information. Routine of quiet life is interrupted by apparence of new tv.




03. KERN / CORE, 9’ 45’’

Germany 2013

Direction: Yi Chen Huang, Szu Ni Wen

Screenplay: Yi Chen Huang

Animation: Szu Ni Wen

Technique: Mixed

Music: "Enola Gay" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Dialogues: Naration in English

Subtitles: English


"Kern" in German means core and nucleus, (Hé) in Chinese has the same ambiguous meaning. Atomic energy is the most beautiful myth of the 20th century. Three fairy tales about the normalization, oppression and the conflicts of atomic energy. What lies beneath the rational appearance of modernity?




04. LOVE STORY, 2’ 58’’

UK 2013

Direction: James Lee

Screenplay: James Lee

Animation: James Lee

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Igor Babaev (Christian Andersson, Justin Crosby, Ariel Polenta, Albert Marlowe)

Dialogues: None


While driving to meet his girlfriend, Lucy, Bill’s car ran out of fuel. He carries on his rough journey on bicycle then roller-skates, encounters numerous near miss accidents.




05. MANHOOD, 3’ 25’’

UK 2013

Direction: John Goodhead

Screenplay: John Goodhead

Animation: John Goodhead

Technique: 3D computer animation


Dialogues: Narration


A stone age tale of a young son’s attempt to attain manhood.





UK 2013

Direction: Monika Dzikowicz

Screenplay: Monika Dzikowicz

Animation: Monika Dzikowicz

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Boris Nonte

Dialogues: None


A short animation about how imagination and creativity makes life enjoyable and fun; and how inspiration lies all around you. An eight year old girl spends summer vacation in Rome. She discovers the city through her imagination and help of an ancient statue. Years later, as a grown up artist, girl struggles to work on a painting. Childhood memories help her gain an inspiration to push forward and work hard.






China 2013

Direction: Jun Cen

Screenplay: Jun Cen

Animation: Jun Cen

Technique: Hand-drawn on paper

Music: Jason Charney

Dialogues: None


Mutual Tunnels is a hand-drawn animated short film, which depicts a mysterious journey of a couple in a bizarre imaginary world that is inundated by plant growth.




08. OMELETTE / Munakas, 2’ 37’’

Finland 2013

Direction: Heta Jäälinoja

Screenplay: Heta Jäälinoja

Animation: Heta Jäälinoja

Technique: Drawing on paper

Music: Jukka Herva

Dialogues: None


What if you're too proud and vulnerable to truly expose yourself to another being? It's a living thing, it's a terrible thing to loose.





UK 2013

Direction: Jennifer Anne Haugan

Screenplay: Jennifer Anne Haugan

Animation: Jennifer Anne Haugan

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Willibald Gluck

Dialogues: None


Orpheus the penguin goes on a search for his lost mate.




10. OHOHAHAH, 1’ 15’’

UK 2014

Direction: Kyriaki Kyriakou

Screenplay: Kyriaki Kyriakou

Animation: Kyriaki Kyriakou

Technique: 2D animation


Dialogues: None


A simian traffic encounter ends unexpectedly slimy!



11. REFUSAL, 5’ 13’’

Czech Republic 2013

Direction: Dominik Urban

Screenplay: Dominik Urban

Animation: Dominik Urban

Technique: Stop-motion puppets, 3D, CGI backgrounds

Music: Dominik Urban

Dialogues: None


Stray canine creature gets caught in a dog pound. Desperate to escape the imprisonment, it evaluates the cost of his freedom.




12. SHAKER, 1’ 23’’

UK 2013

Direction: Billy Lubach

Screenplay: Billy Lubach

Animation: Billy Lubach

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Billy Lubach

Dialogues: None


My film is a visual recreation of a jam in my house's kitchen and communal space I composed the soundtrack using sounds from the kitchen and mandolin.





UK 2013

Direction: Matthew Brookes

Screenplay: Matthew Brookes

Animation: Matthew Brookes

Technique: Mixed Media


Dialogues: Narration oin English


A film that explores the symptoms and effects of Semantic Pragmatic Disorder and how I’ve learnt to live with it.




14. THE SEAGULL / Racek, 5’ 24’’

Czech Republic 2013

Direction: Noemi Valentíny

Screenplay: Noemi Valentíny

Animation: Noemi Valentíny

Technique: Drawn computer animation

Music: Barbora Kadlíčková, Noemi Valentíny


Story about man, who takes care of a lighthouse for all his life, story about seagulls, loneliness and deliverance.




15. WOMBATES, 3’ 02’’

UK 2013

Direction: JD Dean

Screenplay: JD Dean

Animation: JD Dean

Technique: Mixed Media


Dialogues: Narration in English


Twin brothers reflect on their relationship and the resentment that comes with sharing a life together. They recall memories, discuss others expectations and how seemingly polarised twins can actually be.




16. THE BOXCART. 3’ 50’’

UK 2013

Direction: Liam Harris

Screenplay: Liam Harris

Animation: Liam Harris





The story about a young boy who builds a flying boxcart to help him find his lost mother.





Iran 2013

Direction: Farhad Alizadeh

Screenplay: Farhad Alizadeh

Animation: Farhad Alizadeh

Technique: 2D digital animation


Dialogues: None


A fly in a metro station cause two men fight together



18. THE POSTMAN, 1’ 30’’


Direction: Irene Lema

Screenplay: Irene Lema

Animation: Irene Lema

Technique: 3D

Music: Sylvia Lim

Dialogues: English


Riding his bike, a rural postman from the 19th century delivers the most curious letters from every corner of the world. Being a postman is a lonely and exhausting job, however, he doesn’t know there is a surprise waiting for him by the end of his working day.