STUDENT 4 – 79’ 46’’

Student Competition




01. EPILOGUE TO A BREAK, 9’ 28’’

Israel 2013

Direction: Guy Elnathan

Screenplay: Guy Elnathan

Animation: Guy Elnathan


Dialogues: Hebrew, English

Subtitles: English


Synopsis: An animated diary. After a harsh breakup, our hero, Guy, decides to leave it all and fly to New Zealand. In hopes of finding true love. This proves difficult as he must first defeat his inner demons before he can put the past behind him.




02. FLOATS, 7’ 57’’

Israel 2013

Direction: Idan Barzilay, Mor Israeli

Screenplay: Idan Barzilay, Mor Israeli

Animation: Idan Barzilay, Mor Israeli


Music: Gil Landau

Dialogues: None


The movie 'Floats' describes a state in which the entire existence turns into anticipation. A cynical look at figures which are moving in a repetitive manner as a sort of pendulum which reflects the passing of time and the cyclicality in which they are in.




03. FRAMED / Im Rahmen, 4’ 56’’

Germany 2013

Direction: Evgenia Gostrer

Screenplay: Evgenia Gostrer

Animation: Evgenia Gostrer

Technique: Claymation

Music: Michael Tuttle

Dialogues: None


How much do I love myself? What am I proud of? How do I present myself? How do I want to be seen like? Where are my personal boundaries and how do they look like? How far can I go?




04. JHOW GOGOL WROTE THE "NOSE" / Как Гоголь "Нос" написал, 8’ 05’’

Russia 2013

Direction: Privalova Victoria

Screenplay: Privalova Victoria, Borovskikh Olga

Animation: Privalova Victoria, Popov Arseny, Vasiliev Sergey


Music: Gloushakov Yaroslav, Vikhareva Irina, Mironenko Nikolay

Subtitles: English


A surrealistic animation film-fantasy about Nikolay Gogol coming up with his story “The Nose”. Since childhood Gogol was blaming his nose for all of his misfortunes. In his opinion the nose was the cause of his poor academic performances, absent-mindedness and unsociable demeanor.




05. KIGO, 6’ 33’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Izumi Yoshida

Screenplay: Izumi Yoshida

Animation: Izumi Yoshida

Technique: Mixed

Music: Sebastian Ladyzynski

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


The film Kigo, depicting phenomena of nature specific for each of the four seasons, is an abstract visualization of Japanese poems called Haiku.




06. LADY No. 4, 2’ 17’’

Israel 2013

Direction: Tal Hadar

Screenplay: Tal Hadar

Animation: Tal Hadar


Music: Roy Yahalomi

Dialogues: Hebrew

Subtitles: English


A lady enters the ladies room and gets carried away into an endless choreography of self-criticism in front of the mirror following the other ladies. The film tries to present the absurdity of the society's impact on the individual, and it is an allegory for the internal need of liberation standing against the desire to get closer to the ideal of beauty.




07. LOTHAR, 13’ 20’’

Switzerland 2013

Direction: Luca Zuberbühler

Screenplay: Luca Zuberbühler

Animation: Silvio Alberti, Margit Gassner

Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: Christian Schlumpf, Michael Duss, Martin Skalsky

Dialogues: None


Whenever Lothar sneezes, things happen to explode. Therefore he isolates himself from the outer world. One day, when Lothar breaks his beloved toaster, he faces a dilemma.




08. MARIONETTE, 7’ 41’’

Israel 2013

Direction: Amir Porat, Assaf Karass

Screenplay: Amir Porat, Assaf Karass

Animation: Amir Porat, Guy Zinger, Sofi Zilberg, Sivan Gavrieli


Music: Ori Avni

Dialogues: None


A Child afraid to go out of his home confronts his fear by using a marionette doll which his father builds for him, the child controls it from the rooftop of their building and by doing so is able to get over his fears of going out.




09. SCRAMBLE, 3’ 44’’

UK 2013

Direction: Andrew Palombo

Screenplay: Andrew Palombo

Animation: Andrew Palombo, Joash Oswe, Renyu Chen, Narissa Schander, Harry Davidson, Miles Hudson

Technique: 2D hand drawing

Music: Herman Oswe

Dialogues: None


In an unexpected case of mistaken identity  Jojo’s regular morning shop for eggs turns into a run for his life as a pair of local thugs mistake him for a street thief.




10. TOMORROW, 8’ 15’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Michal Orzechowski

Screenplay: Michal Orzechowski

Animation: Michal Orzechowski







11. THE MAN WITH THE NEVERENDING COAT / El Señor del Abrigo Interminable, 7’ 30’’

Spain 2014

Direction: Victoria Sahores Ripoll

Screenplay: Victoria Sahores Ripoll

Animation: Victoria Sahores Ripoll

Technique: Stop-motion - puppets

Music: Manuel Sahores Ripoll

Dialogues: None


“The man with the never-ending coat” tells the story of a man with a coat that never stops growing. The man, isolated from society because of the unbearable burden, decides to start a journey with no clear destination, but with the intention of finding a place where to live at peace.