Short 6 - 113’ 05’’

Short Competition


UK 2013

Direction: Sharon Smith

Screenplay: Sharon Smith

Animation: Sharon Smith

Technique: 2D computer animation




Life, one meal at a time.




India 2013

Direction: Suresh Eriyat

Screenplay: Suresh Eriyat


Technique: Mixed technique


Dialogues: (narration)


Commercial for Indian TV.



03. BLACK SOIL / Chornozem, 5’ 03’’

Ukraine 2013

Direction: Stepan Koval

Screenplay: Stepan Koval

Animation: Nadia Limova

Technique: Clay, cut-out animation

Dialogues: Ukrainian

Subtitles: English


This story is about when a person, through their faith and perseverance produces a result that exceeds his expectations.



04. COINCIDENSES / Coincidenze, 4’ 51’’

Italy 2014

Direction: Paola Luciani

Screenplay: Paola Luciani, Fabio Testa

Animation: Paola Luciani

Technique: drawing on paper

Music: Tuxedomoon

Affiliation: Paola Luciani

Dialogues: Νοne


A favorite meeting of the shadows that move in a rhythm different from that of the two protagonists.



05. DYSPALIA, 4’ 28’’

Sweden 2014

Direction: Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim

Screenplay: Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim

Animation: Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim

Technique: Liquid fluids on glass

Music: Robin Bennich



When cells change and start to grow in an out-of-controlled way, this often entails a catastrophe for the being it happens within. But these new cells have no intention to harm and there is nothing for them to win by taking over the body – they just follow their new instructions of how to grow. And if this finally leads to the end for the body, it’s also the end for these cells. No one wins, it just happens.




Finland/Korea 2013

Direction: Joni Männistö

Screenplay: Joni Männistö

Animation: Joni Männistö

Technique: Object animation

Music: Lucas Pedersen

Dialogues: None


An electrifying view to a buzzing micropolis.



07. EX ANIMO, 6’ 52’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Wojciech Wojtkowski

Screenplay:Wojciech Wojtkowski

Animation: Wojciech Wojtkowski


Music: Tomasz Jakub Opalka

Dialogues: None


An animated impression. Images conjured up by the animator form a two-dimensional reality of their own. Absurd and unrelated scenes describe the rules governing the world confined to a sheet of paper and animation technique. The relationships between the characters seem strangely familiar.



08. NAVAJO SONG, 6’ 30’’

Russia 2012

Direction: Roman Sokolov

Screenplay: Roman Sokolov

Animation: Roman Sokolov

Technique: 2D flash animation

Music: Marina Landa Sergey Vasilyev

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


The plot is based on an ancient song of Navaho Indians expressing the feeling of an eternal link between all the living creatures on the Earth. This is a story about o man who possesses a skill to let everything go easily. He shares his special view of the world with the ones who surround him and the latter thus get a chance to realize something and to change something.



09. RECYCLED, 5’ 32’’

China 2012

Direction: Lei Lei, Thomas Sauvin

Screenplay: Lei Lei

Animation: Lei Lei


Music: Zafka Zhang

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


The following images were sourced over the years from a recycling zone in the outskirts of Beijing. We scanned more than half a million 35mm color film negatives. Those negatives build up a portrait of the capital city and the life of her inhabitants over the last thirty years. Here, we selected 3000 photos to create the animation you are about to see.



10. THE ROSE OF TURAIDA, 6’ 15’’

Australia 2013

Direction: Ryan Grobins

Screenplay: Ryan Grobins

Animation: Ryan Grobins

Technique: Ryan Grobins

Music: Nicole Brady

Dialogues (narration): English

Subtitles: Greek


Based on a true story set in 17th century Latvia, The Rose of Turaida tells of the tragedy of a beautiful young woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice for love and honour.




Serbia 2013

Direction: Csongor Gazdag

Screenplay: Csongor Gazdag

Animation: Csongor Gazdag

Technique: Cinema 4D, ZBrush, After Effects, Audition

Music: Csongor Gazdag

Dialogues: None

Subtitle: English


The remaining pieces of an episode from a scrapped tip series designed to help artists with their creative process.



12. STICKY, 19’ 50’’

Australia 2013

Direction: Jilli Rose

Animation: Jilli Rose

Technique: 3D computer, rotoscope, After Effects

Music: Billy Tankard & Kristin Rule

Dialogues: English


Exiled from the tropical paradise where they evolved, a handful of remarkable stick insects, the last of their kind, clung to life on a single, windswept bush on a remote sea stack for 80 years. Now they're back from the brink of extinction, but when can they go home? Sticky tells a wonderfully positive Australian conservation success story, celebrating the persistence of life, the adventure and passion embedded in science, and the little creatures underfoot.



13. STOP, 3’ 40’’

Romania 2013

Direction: Ion Octavian Frecea

Screenplay: Radu Pintilie

Animation: Ion Octavian Frecea

Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: Johny Cash

Dialogues: English


In the middle of desert a man can not cross the auto-road. A zebra died crosing the street. Next day all people are crosing safely on the skin of zebra. We thank zebra for her sacrifice.



14. SYNESTHESIA, 5’ 50’’

USA 2013

Direction: Michel Gagne

Animation: Michel Gagne

Technique: Digital 2D animation

Music: Gheorghe Costinescu


In the summer of 2013, composer Gheorghe Costinescu commissioned artist Michel Gagné to create an animated visualization based on his 1973 work, Dots, Lines, and Patches for recorded electronic sounds. The experiment resulted in a true synesthetic rendition where senses overlap and blend with one another.



15. NOISE OF THE WORLD / El Ruido del Mundo, 13’

Spain 2013

Direction: Coke Riobóo

Screenplay: Coke Riobóo




Dialogues: None


A composer is afflicted by a strange illness: he can hear every noise in the world. Through his music, he will find a way to keep the noise under control. Short film animated frame by frame with plasticine drawings on under-lit glass.



16. HOME APPLIANCE / Electrodoméstico, 13’

Mexico 2013

Direction: Erik de Luna

Screenplay: Erik de Luna, Raúl Torres

Animation: Sergio Velázquez

Technique: Stop Motion

Music: Sherele & Arnaldo Antunes

Dialogues: None


We were Adam and Eve / then home appliances appeared. Prudencio and Esther's life reflects a civilization plunged into the maelstrom of technology. In an attempt to get their relationship back on track, the couple uses objects to substitute aspects of their own relationship. And now, the sound of the doorbell announces the arrival of a new device, after which things will never be the same.