Short 5 - 122’

Short Competition



01. ASTIGMATISMO, 4’ 03’’

Spain 2013

Direction: Nicolai Troshinsky

Screenplay: Nicolai Troshinsky

Animation: Nicolai Troshinsky

Technique: Cut-out, paint on glass

Music: Shogun Kunitoki

Dialogues: None


A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds that surround him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters.




02. FRUIT FRUIT, 2’ 12’’

UK 2013

Direction: Peter Millard

Screenplay: Peter Millard

Animation: Peter Millard

Technique: Hand drawn on paper

Music: Peter Millard, Mike Wyeld

Dialogues: None


Lemon cranberry apple banana cucumber orange lime are a selection of fruit fruit.




03. GELATO GO HOME, 3’ 30’’

UK 2013

Direction: Alasdair Brotherston, Jock Mooney

Screenplay: Alasdair Brotherston, Jock Mooney

Animation: Luca Paulli, Francisco Puerto Esteban, Layla Atkinson

Technique: 2D, 3D computer animation

Music: James Orman

Dialogues: None


As the first snow flake settles, the ice cream vans begin to contemplate the harsh winter ahead. For, like the caribou, the season marks the start of a voyage in search of the sun.




04. HEMP LULLABY, 2’ 13’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Sylwia Kubus

Screenplay: Sylwia Kubus

Animation: Sylwia Kubus

Technique: 2D computer animation

Music: Warsaw Village Band

Dialogues: None


Music video created for a polish band "Warsaw Village Band".his very moving old polish lullaby tells a story of a mother who puts her child to sleep and imagining its life as it will be in the future.




05. JORKA, 8’

Netherlands 2013

Direction: Michiel Wesselius

Screenplay: Michiel Wesselius

Animation: Sander Alt, Michiel Wesselius, Arthur Gorissen

Technique: 2D computer, cut-out animation

Music: Paleis van Boem, Martin Vonk, Jaap de Weijer

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


Everybody once had thoughts about their own death and what it will cause to our loved ones. Jorka portrays the aftermath of the process of loss. After a tragic accident of the protagonist, we see the departed coping with his demise.




06. NOPPERAPON, 13’ 33’’

Russia 2013

Direction: Diana Sineokaya

Screenplay: Diana Sineokaya, Liudmila Liashova

Animation: Diana Sineokaya

Technique: Puppets, mixed technique, 2d, 3d computer animation

Music: Dmitry Milovanov

Dialogues: None


The hero finds himself in a phantasmagorical world where his love is tested in a fight with affliction spells of a witches-nopperapons.




07. PADRE, 11' 55’’

France/Argentina 2013

Direction: Santiago "Bou" Grasso

Screenplay: Santiago "Bou" Grasso

Animation: Santiago "Bou" Grasso

Technique: Stop-motion animation

Dialogues: None


Argentina 1983. A woman is devoting herself to the care of her sick father, a retired soldier. Her daily routine is set by the ticking of a clock which accompanies all of her tasks. The clock orders her to make the tea, to prepare the medicine, to wash or feed this man who no longer leaves his bedroom. As days go by, the woman withdraws more and more into her own little world, refusing to face reality.




08. THE KEY, 7’

UK 2014

Direction: Shaun Clark, Kim Noce

Screenplay: Tom Hill

Animation: Shaun Clark, Kim Noce

Technique: Cut-out, drawn animation

Music: Alex Hayward

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


When the residents awake to find the key missing to the Town gate frustration soon sets in. Only this key is happy to be lost and keen to show some things should not be found.




09. THE TORTOISE / O Cágado, 9’ 57’’


Direction: Pedro Lino, Luis da Matta Almeida

Screenplay: Nélia Cruz

Animation: Carlos de Faria, Jeroen Jaspaert, Malcolm Mole, Paul Nicholson

Technique: 2D animation, live action

Music: Daniel Pemberton

Dialogues: None


There was once a man quite sure of himself. Once a day he would have a stroll near his town. On one such occasion, he spotted something he had never seen before: a tortoise. He examined it thoroughly, noticing it's every detail. Soon he ran home to tell the family. But would they believe him?




10. CAPTIVE, 3' 04''

Iran 2013

Direction: Nasrin Shahmohamdi

Screenplay: Nasrin Shahmohamdi

Animation: Abas Abasi



Dialogies: None


A Social movie animation.




11. EIDEANN, 5’

Spain 2013

Direction: Alvaro Granados

Screenplay: Alvaro Granados, Monttse Urquiza

Animation: Alvaro Granados

Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: Coke Rioboó

Dialogues: None


Setting in the XIV Century, Eideann is the story of how a courageous shepherd from the Highland of Scotland and one of the sheep of his flock become the pioneers of one of the most popular entertainments of our days.




12. WINTER AND LIZARD / Inverno e Ramarro, 3’ 30’’

Italy 2013

Direction: Julia Gromskaya

Screenplay: Julia Gromskaya

Animation: Julia Gromskaya

Technique: Gouache, acrylics and watercolors on paper

Music: Francesca Badalini

Dialogues: Italian

Subtitles: English


The young girl and the lizard, the snow and the memory.




13. WACKATDOO, 5’ 40’’

Canada 2014

Direction: Benjamin Arcand

Screenplay: Benjamin Arcand

Animation: Benjamin Arcand

Technique: Traditionnal "Paperless" animation

Music: François-Xavier Paquin

Dialogues: None


It's not as easy as it seems to be a pussy cat... But nothing is better than a little bit of music to cheer you up! "Wackatdooo" is an animated short film colored with crazy swing jazz and pure animation frenzy.




14. SUITCASE / Walizka, 14' 34’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Jacek Lechtanski

Screenplay: Michal Zablocki, Artur Reinhart

Animation: Krzysztof Brzozowski

Technique: Puppet animation

Music: Wojciech Lemanski

Dialogues: None


In a sterile space of a desert, a naked man looking as a primitive human being finds a mysterious suitcase. By coincidence he manages to open the suitcase combination lock and see objects hidden inside: a suit, a folding cane, a pocket watch, a brass comb, a razor and wire frame glasses. One by one he discovers how to use them and tries, thanks to the clothes and other objects, to become a cultural and elegant man. It causes many comical and grotesque situations.