Short 3 - 112’ 34’’

Short Competition

01. CREAMEN, 11’

Spain/USA 2013

Direction: Esther Casas

Screenplay: Juan Bissone, Samina Virani, Eugene the Poogene

Animation: Esther Casas

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: Phil Sevarti

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: Greek


The four lovable and sweet main characters of Creamen capture our hearts as they gradually have to confront an unexpected challenge to their very existence.



02. GRANNY / Bebo, 10’ 52’’

Georgia 2013

Direction: Sandro Katamashvili

Screenplay: Nikoloz Mdivani, Achi Tabukashvili, Sandro Katamashvili

Animation: N. Samanishvili, N. Nikolashvili, G. Popkhadze, E. Popkhadze, R. Kobaidze

Technique: 2D computer animation

Music: Ana Kurtubadze, Debi Ishkhnelebi

Dialogues: None


At the sewing machine granny is working hard to sew and endless piece of cloth.



03. MITE, 3’ 28’’

Germany 2013

Direction: Walter Volbers

Screenplay: Walter Volbers

Animation: Walter Volbers

Technique: 3D computer animation


Dialogues: None


In a hotel hallway, the camera plunges into the microcosm of the hotel corridor carpet.



04. MR HUBLOT, 11’ 48’’

Luxembourg 2013

Direction: Laurent Witz, Alexandre Espigares

Screenplay: Laurent Witz

Animation: Mickael Coedel

Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: François Rousselot

Dialogues: None


Mr Hublot is a withdrawn, idiosyncratic character with OCD, scared of change and the outside world. Robot Pet's arrival turns his life upside down: he has to share his home with this very invasive companion...



05. NIKOZI 2008, 7’

Germany 2013

Direction: Alla Churikova

Screenplay: Alla Churikova

Animation: Alla Churikova

Technique: Sand animation

Music: Frieder Zimmermann

Dialogues: None


During the 5 days of the Russian-Georgien war in August 2008, 32 bombs fell on the thousand year old Nikozi Monastery. Miraculously, none of the Monastery inhabitants died.



06. POMMES FRITES, 2’ 09’’

The Netherlands 2013

Direction: Balder Westein

Screenplay: Balder Westein

Animation: Dave Lenz, Jesse Tamerius, Henk Westein, Balder Westein, Mookx

Technique: 3D puppetoon

Music: Fons Merkies

Dialogues: Dutch

Subtitles: Greek


It is Halloween and three kids go out for 'tricks or treats'. It is a windy night and the only welcoming friendly person in the small town is unfortunately treated to a rather frightening and truly horrific sight.



07. SNAP, 6' 41’’

Belgium/United Kingdom 2012

Direction: Thomas G. Murphy

Screenplay: Thomas G. Murphy

Animation: Hilere

Technique: CG (also in stereoscopic-3D)

Music: Olaf Janssens

Dialogues: None


Inspiring adventure: Bullies don’t win. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Underwater life is a challenge for little Snap until he meets an unlikely new friend. Together they discover a novel solution to his problem.



08. STRINGS / Cuerdas, 10’

SPAIN 2014

Direction: Pedro Solís

Screenplay: Pedro Solís

Animation: Pedro Solís

Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: Victor Peral

Dialogues: Spanish

Subtitles: Greek


María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.




Germany 2013

Direction: Anne Lucht

Screenplay: Anne Lucht

Animation: Anne Lucht

Technique: Stop-motion, Cut-out animation

Music: Raffael Seyfried

Dialogues: None


The Girl Who Missed The Bus is a short story about a girl walking through a strange world completely made of paper. She meets strange characters and finds strange places, until she wakes up at the end. Was it a dream? Or is she caught forever in a reality that repeats over and over again?




France/UK 2012

Direction: Chloé Miller, Franz Kirchner



Technique: CGI

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: Greek


When Angelo finds out about a giant candy vault located under the school that holds every piece of candy that has ever been confiscated, he and the gang set out to pull off the greatest candy heist of all time and take back what's theirs.



11. HOLLOW LAND, 13’ 54’’

Denmark/France/Canada 2013

Direction: Michelle & Uri Kranot

Screenplay: Michelle & Uri Kranot

Animation: Michelle & Uri Kranot

Technique: Stop-motion, 2D animation

Music: Uri Kranot

Dialogues: None


An evocative thought on the eternal human search for home...



12. BAO, 11' 21’’

France 2012

Direction: Sandra Desmazieres

Screenplay: Sandra Desmazieres

Animation: Sandra Desmazieres

Technique: 2D, traditional animation

Music: Manuel Merlot

Dialogues: None


Bao and his sister are taking the train like everyday. It's always a fabulous adventure for them. But this time, everything will be different, it will be their last journey together.