Greek – 58’ 29’’

Greek Competition

GREEK – 58’ 29’’


01. BACK TO NATURE, 54’’

Greece 2013

Direction: George Varanos

Screenplay: George Varanos

Animation: George Varanos

Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: America - A horse with no name

Dialogues: None


When a happy walk at the countrysida turn to be a disaster. George's adventure begins with a negative result! A humoristic true about Nature.



02. BE ABSENT, 4’ 06’’

Greece 2013

Direction: Sotiris Hatzivasiliou

Screenplay: Sotiris Hatzivasiliou

Animation: Sotiris Hatzivasiliou

Technique: 2d animation

Music: Trentemøller - Hazed

Dialogues: None


Witness reality, make your choices, be absent...



03. FSIIIT FSIIIIT, 4’ 58’’

Greece 2013

Direction: Anastasios Visvardis

Screenplay: Anastasios Visvardis

Screenplay: Anastasios Visvardis

Animation: Anastasios Visvardis

Technique: Puppets, 2D animation

Music: Anastasios Visvardis

Dialogues: None


A man, some birds an an orange sky!




Greece 2013

Direction: Luis Santos

Screenplay: Sofia Pavlaki


Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: Stomacheion Sound

Dialogues: Greek

Subtitles: English


Meet the gorgeously cute animated characters made for children and inspired from Ancient Greek toys. They are Lily, Philon and Valios. They are funny and sweet as lullaby!



05. IF YOU LET ME IN, 2’ 39’’

Greece 2013

Direction: Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou

Screenplay: Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou

Animation: Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou

Technique: Drawing on paper

Music: Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou

Dialogues: None


A feeling that may become an obsession. It expands, it intensifies, it grows within you and you end up living with it. In the urban landscape, the feeling’s effect spreads from the person to the society, and then returns back to ourselves. If you let it in…



06. KNIGHT, 4’ 34’’

Grece 2013

Direction: Thanassis Radoglou

Screenplay: Thanassis Radoglou

Animation: Thanassis Radoglou



Dialogues: None


From the familiar squares of the chessboard, a wooden horse reaches the unknown floor. There, with the help of a new acquaintance will be able to go back. But it is worth letting the newfound freedom for the rules of the board?



07. NOSTALGIA, 1' 30''

Greece 2013

Direction: Penelope-Raphaela Patselli

Screenplay: Penelope-Raphaela Patselli

Animation: Penelope-Raphaela Patselli

Technique: 2D, Rotoscoping

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


The first try of a short animated film, about a girl who comes opposed with a big loss in her life. The animation is created in a stencil style using rotoscoping and other techniques.



Greece 2013

Direction: 2nd Junior High School of Aridaia, Greece

Screenplay: Niki Votsi

Animation: 2nd Junior High School of Aridaia, Greece

Technique: Cut-out animation

Music: Jonathan Richman

Dialogues: Greek

Subtitles: English


Once upon a time there was a white parrot that loved winter. Snow was his whole life! But it snowed for only one week every year!



09. THE DOODLE, 3’ 29’’

UK/Greece 2012

Direction: Diana Kalimeri

Screenplay: Diana Kalimeri

Animation: Diana Kalimeri

Technique: 2d animation

Music: Paul Volo

Dialogues: None


Steve was randomly created out of boredom. His creator drew him on a piece of paper, while she was on the phone. He later gets thrown away in the rubbish, where his destiny is about to change...


10. THE 3RD FLOOR, 10’ 54’’

Greece 2013

Direction: Marilia Maz

Screenplay: Marilia Maz

Animation: Marilia Maz

Technique: 3D computer animation

Music: Aggelos Giannelos

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: Greek


A young student is forced to rent a room in the most notorious area. There he meets the sole occupant, a deaf musician who mesmerizes with his melodies.




Greece 2013

Direction: Lykourgos Porfyris

Screenplay: Lykourgos Porfyris

Animation: Lykourgos Porfyris

Technique: Claymation, stop motion

Music: Lykourgos Porfyris

Dialogues: None


Three cheap sex stories that i have seen heard or lived into the urban environment and the true love from the lungs of our orthodox faith



12. MORNING WALK, 6’ 12’’

Greece 2013

Direction: Maria Douni, Electra Fotopoulou

Screenplay: Maria Douni, Electra Fotopoulou

Animation: Electra Fotopoulou

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Manos Angelakis

Dialogues: None


In Athens, during the '50s, the unregulated building of high-rise constructions alters the face of the city and the everyday life of a man. In post-war Greece, reconstructions the city becomes the solution for accommodating the ever rising population of the capital. This is the beginning of a new era which redefines human relations and habits. The hero tries to face this new reality.



13. NEGATIVE, 6’

Greece 2013

Direction: Paul Stamoulis

Screenplay: Paul Stamoulis

Animation: Paul Stamoulis

Technique: 2d animation

Music: mixed sound effects

Dialogues: Greek

Subtitles: None


The story takes place in a world based on the real world. The basic character “NEGATIVE” is writing his story in an enchanted book. Without a warning the book sealed him inside it. Negative is trapped inside the book and waits for the day he will be released. 80 years later Betty finds the book and without realizing, unleashes the world hidden within, along with its writer.


14. THE MISSING PIECE, 3’ 30’’

Greece 2013

Direction: Rena Tsageou

Screenplay: Shel Silverstein

Animation: Rena Tsageou

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Parachutes

Dialogues: None


The story centers on a circular animal-like creature that is missing a wedge-shaped piece of itself. It doesn’t like this, and sets out to find its missing piece. It starts out on a grand adventure searching for the perfect piece to complete, but after the circle finally finds the exact-sized wedge that fits it, it begins to realize that it can no longer do the things it used to enjoy doing itself. It decides that it was happier when searching for the missing piece than actually having it. So it continues searching...