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Deu a louca nas emoções - CRAZY EMOTIONS / Deu a louca nas emoções

Brazil 2022
Duration: 06:00
Directed by: Constantina Xavier Filha
Screenplay: Tina Xavier and children from the Playing Movie Making with Children project - 2022
Animation: Tina Xavier, children from the Playing Cinema with Children project - 2022 and team
Technique: 2D
Music: Credits music: Proud – Mário Zan
Production/School: Constantina Xavier Filha, FACULDADE DE EDUCAÇÃO UFMS UFMS
Dialogue language: Portuguese
Subtitles language: ingles

Film created by kids from the October 11th School in Campo Grande/South Mato Grosso, under direction, supervision, and production of Tina Xavier, framed in the Extension project Kids making cinema-2022 – Federal University of South Mato Grosso/Faculty of Education.The film talks about the emotions of children after the covid pandemic.

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