Official Selection

Wait for me in a dream / Czekaj na mnie we śnie

Poland 2023
Duration: 14:56
Directed by: Natalia Durszewicz
Screenplay: Natalia Durszewicz
Animation: Natalia Durszewicz
Technique: 2d animation
Music: Sebastian Ładyżyński
Production/School: FUMI Studio
Dialogue language: Polish
Subtitles language: English

Wait for me in a dream is a poetic story about an elderly married couple shown with the use of painterly animation. Isolated from the world and condemned to loneliness, Bronka and Zygfryd experience a slow defragmentation of their reality caused by the woman's illness and the adversities associated with it. On their final journey, they experience moments of regret, pain and even repulsion. However, for all their worth they try to remember the love that used to last between them.

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