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Quick online registration instructions

Registration Fee: 10€ up to 15/01/2022 - 16€ up to 04/02/2022.

If you wish to register for the first time, choose "New registration" as a Registration type. After clicking on "Submit", you will have completed succesfully the 1st step of the registration process and you will receive a notification email, that specifies the registration as UNCONFIRMED. This means that you have to proceed with the payment in order for your registation to be considered as CONFIRMED.

If you wish to "PAY NOW", you can pay via paypal or via debit/credit card (all types of cards are accepted). Since the payment is completed, the registration is confirmed.

If you wish to "PAY LATER", you can come back whenever you want (until 04/02/2022), using the registration number you received in your email and choosing "Complete payment for temporary registration" as a registration type. Since the payment is completed, the registration is confirmed.

Online registration form

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- I am aware that registration cost is 10 € up to 15/01/2022 - 16 € up to 04/02/2022.
- I preserve all the rights of my animation production.
- I allow the Athens ANIMFEST 2022 to project my animation production in the Athens ANIMFEST 2022 events.
- I allow the Athens ANIMFEST 2022 to use extract (<30’’) of my selected animation production or its texts and photos for the Athens ANIMFEST 2022 publicity purposes (press, site, catalogue).


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