Official Selection

4913 Colors

USA 2020
Duration: 00:30
Directed by: Tom Bessoir
Technique: digital
Music: silent
Dialogue language: silent

I was inspired by seeing the artwork “4900 Colors” at the The Met Breuer retrospective "Gerhard Richter: Painting After All," which was only on view for eight days due to the pandemic. “4900 Colors” consists of modular squares produced by mixing the three primaries in graduated amounts to expand the number of hues and tones. The artist produced 196 unique panels composed of twenty-five squares. The placement and positioning of the panels is deliberately arbitrary. I combined 17 shades of each primary color. Like Richter I used a computer program to generate my colors and to randomly distribute them in five-by-five frames. My title frame is an homage to Richter’s “Cathedral Window” (2007) in Cologne which the artist created the same year as “4900 Colors.” For the best experience view in a dark room.


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