Official Selection

Our Bobies Go Through

Canada 2022
Duration: 08:50
Directed by: Geneviève Bélanger Genest
Screenplay: Geneviève Bélanger Genest
Animation: Geneviève Bélanger Genest
Technique: Ink on 16 mm film, digital images
Music: Robin Servant
Production/School: Geneviève Bélanger Genest
Dialogue language: No dialog

Winter. Thrown into the St. Lawrence River. On board, curious and obstinate silhouettes. A cadence emerges that marks the momentum towards an erratic and absolute territory, reaching common sense. An uncompromising immersion through matter, which confuses us through the infinitely small, by what defines us, unites us, and surpasses us. A synesthetic journey through what our bodies go through.


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