Official Selection


France 2021
Duration: 20:23
Directed by: Marie Larrivé
Screenplay: Marie Larrivé
Animation: Marion Auvin, Ambre Decruyenaere, Romane Granger, Cécile Ladaveze, Morgane Le Péchon, Lucas Malbrun, Jean Baptiste Peltier
Technique: handpainted
Music: Maël Oudin, Pierre Oberkampf
Production/School: Eddy Productions
Dialogue language: French, English, Italian
Subtitles language: English

After an earthquake in Naples bay, the body of a man is found. The Italian police believe the man killed himself 40 years ago. They contact Dino and his daughter Victoria for a DNA test. During this unexpected journey together, the young woman digs into her father's mysterious past while Dino immerses himself unwillingly in the scenery of his childhood.


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