Official Selection


Hungary 2020
Duration: 10:42
Directed by: Árpád Koós
Screenplay: Árpád Koós
Production/School: Béla Klingl
Dialogue language: Hungarian

The film presents an electronic music genre, which was born in the early ‘90s. It was the musical and cultural boom of our youth, and it had a great impact on our peers. This fake documentary is trying to give the robots’ perspective on the so called ‘machine music’. Compressed into a few minutes we gain insight to the transience and cyclical nature of musical genres, and the life of the average “band”. It was our goal to muster up all stereotypes involved in this context. This should make to story easier for all to relate to, regardless of the style of music. The industrial visual setting, the aged metallic and concrete surfaces all serve to underline the origin of this musical style, which is created by machines. The film is created in 3D technology, since the birth of electronic music and the boom in 3D computer graphics happened simultaneously.


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