Official Selection


3rd Prize Greek

Greece 2020
Duration: 12:16
Directed by: Aris Kaplanidis
Screenplay: Aris Kaplanidis, Elias Roumeliotis
Production/School: Ioanna Soultani
Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)

A little story from a blue-collar neighborhood. Lina, a middle-aged lady who never leaves the balcony of her house, intervenes in everything that happens within her visual field. People passing by in front of her building, neighbors from the apartments across the street, everyone realize that whatever they do, Lina is watching day and night and intervenes: From throwing a bandage from her balcony when an accident takes place to giving parking advice or notifying the police for a burglary. Some are surprised by her attitude, but most are annoyed by her constant gaze on them. Until Lina loses her son in a car accident and does not go out to her balcony ever since. The neighborhood is not the same anymore.


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