Official Selection

Enjoying A Nice Life

USA 2021
Duration: 04:46
Directed by: Rainbow Timothy
Dialogue language: English

This film is a collection of sketches and ideas from my sketchbook between 2017-2020. It is art therapy. I make films in order to work-out how to exist in this world. This little planet may soon shake us off like fleas. It really doesn’t matter, and I bet the trees won’t miss us, but I bet the earth will breathe a sigh of relief as she erodes this condom of concrete that we imposed upon her. Trust, drugs, love, religion, homelessness, selfless acts, aliens, gun violence, tech, porn, nature and industry are all interconnected. It’s this fabric, or web that weaves through us on both sides of reality. Transcending our perceived reality to tie all forms together in an ever-changing dance of tension and vacuum. Ye of little significance, you of infinite importance. You lose vibration, young child, fiending young adults, happy fat ignorant bald old matriarch. Stay here and brew your impending pain and elation, you sloppy ballistic joy! Process: Hand drawn on paper, shot using DragonFrame, chopped up and manipulated in Aftereffects, edited in Premier. Sound design assembled in GarageBand, mixed and mastered in Protools.


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